Natural Skincare: Your frequently asked questions.

January 29, 2021

Soins naturels : vos questions fréquentes. - Dado Cosmetics

In this article, I wanted to bring together the frequently asked questions that I regularly receive from people interested in natural care. I hope it will bring you the necessary information and overcome your fears. Natural treatments with precious oils are THE solution for anyone looking for luminous and healthy skin. EXTRA QUALITY.

I'm afraid to use vegetable oils on my face.

It is often a reluctance for some people but sometimes you have to overcome your fears. I remind you that the moisturizer is not natural because it is not something found in nature.

Quite the opposite with vegetable oils. The seeds of the plants are pressed, cold and offer us their juice. Indeed, plants are alive like us and our DNA recognizes each other.

Of course, in the world of natural cosmetics, it is quality that takes precedence. You can find deodorized or refined vegetable oils. They are not raw, which is why you must pay attention to the values ​​conveyed by the company. Finally, not all vegetable oils have the same benefits. A sunflower oil even if it is good, it will not have the same preciousness as the Baobab (moreover, the price per liter is not the same).

At Dado Cosmetics, we have chosen to work with women's cooperatives in Africa. Our oils are valuable because they come from fertile soil. They are extracted in an artisanal way, without being diluted or otherwise ( to find out more )

Their strength is their vitality. This is because the sun and the fertile soil of Africa give them exceptional properties: anti-aging, softening, healing, nourishing, emollient, soothing, mattifying...

But above all, one of the main reasons for their use is that they do not need preservatives. We often hear the scandals with certain potentially carcinogenic preservatives. It's simple, we don't use it in our treatments. So you can be reassured when applying them to your skin (read our article on endocrine disruptors ).

I have combination skin and it's a headache to find balancing care!

Combination skin is the most common skin type in the world. A flagship precious oil: Hibiscus. Some people know its juice but its oil is excellent. You can find it in the Awa serum.

The skin gets even and you get a real balance between oily and dry areas.

"I love Dado's products. I have a luminous and hydrated complexion until the end of the day, even after my sports session. I always had a very oily T-zone in the middle of the day and that's not the case anymore. Plus, I haven't had any breakouts in several weeks. I highly recommend these products."


"I'm super happy! I have ane-prone skin and since I've been using awa products I no longer have pimples, my skin is sublimely radiant! Thank you DaDo!"


I have oily skin. Will the oils mattify my skin?

It may be counter-intuitive, but the precious oils that make up the Nour serum mattify the skin. Your skin shines less and less and the complexion is more and more uniform.

You will find in it the precious oils of Nigella, Watermelon, Moringa and carrot for its RADIANT COMPLEXION effect.

Oily skin is purified. It shines without foundation.

Moreover, you will find many testimonials from women on the online store (customer reviews) who have overcome their fear. Often behind it lies great happiness.

You also have 1 month trial kits to give you an idea of ​​this experience.

I'm afraid that vegetable oils will give me pimples?

Honestly, I had never thought of applying oil to my face before my allergic reaction. For me, it was limited to cooking but certainly not as a beauty treatment, in its own right.

In any case, the use of oils on the skin is truly an experience in itself, but you shouldn't put just anything. Some are comedogenic, that is to say that they clog the pores like wheat germ oil as small pimples may appear.

Rest assured that at Dado Cosmetics, you will not get pimples because of the oils used. They are very fine and absorbed almost instantly on the skin. Your skin won't shine that much and you would be surprised.

Instant advice: many women use coconut butter to remove make-up, for example. It's a good vegetable butter but it tends to dry out the skin over time. It should always be mixed with another oil or butter. In addition, it has a slight comedogenic effect.

I don't wear makeup, do I need to wash my face?

You may think of cleansing as removing makeup. So, if you don't wear makeup, you don't have to.

For those who know me, I like to take the following example:

In the morning, you wear your beautiful white pants. It's white, white, but in the evening we all know it's turned gray.

What got on your pants didn't leave your face alone. So even if it is not visible, these impurities have accumulated and it is important to clean with natural and respectful care .

I don't like using the soap on my face.

Our natural soaps do not resemble industrial soaps which often lack glycerin, the noble part of soap. They often have a “dry” effect.

While when you wet a Dado Cosmetics natural soap, you will be surprised by its creamy texture. It foams very quickly and lasts several months.

It washes the face gently and you don't have that tight feeling. Moreover, for dry skin, Dela soap is enriched with organic honey for an even smoother effect.

To understand why?

Actually, all our natural soaps are cold saponified. It is an artisanal and ancestral manufacturing method. We use vegetable oils that are not heated in order to retain the maximum of their properties. Then, the resulting glycerin is not removed unlike some industrial soaps. That's why they're so nice. It will make all the difference.

The function of soap in the beauty routine is to remove all impurities stuck in sweat. You really feel that your face is clean. It is ready to receive the serum with precious oils from Africa.

After how long will I see the results?

Ah, the million dollar question!

I like to be honest with my clients. I find that this transparency is very important especially in the field of beauty (things are not always glamorous and it's really a shame!)

When you decide to switch to natural care, your skin encounters 3 types of reactions:

  1. Your skin regains a real glow almost instantly. It is luminous from the first use. Then it won't change! You are lucky.
  1. Your skin initially rejects the new treatments. Small pimples or a burning sensation may occur. Actually, the skin does not understand what is happening to it and needs time. You have to put yourself in his place.

If you have applied conventional creams to your skin, it did not work. Then with the precious oils from Africa, it has to get back to work so understand that it may be reluctant. This is when you have to persevere*. It will adapt according to each one (2-3 weeks but it could be more). I can't be more specific.

  1. Your skin is all luminous for 2-3 weeks and you feel like you hit a JACKPOT. Your skin is healthy and you are in heaven. Then there is the CA-TA-STRO-PHE. Small pimples appear or a feeling of overheating. Be reassured, it's always temporary*! While the skin detoxifies.

I think when you know what to expect, you are less surprised! Then, it is always important to rule out the hypothesis of an allergy. *To do this, nothing could be simpler: do a test in the bend of the elbow. Apply a drop of the oils and wait 24 to 48 hours. If you don't have a reaction, go for it otherwise, don't apply it on your face!

A quick reminder, the cells take an average of 28 days to renew themselves, so BE PATIENT !

I am not very regular in the routine. Will it still work?

We live in cities and pollution is part of our daily life, unfortunately. All these impurities in addition to our toxins settle on our skin. It is important to carry out daily cleaning.

The skin, when properly cleansed with respectful care, breathes better and is ready to receive nutrition.

Our beauty routine is quick for those days when you have less time but if you want to extend the experience then you are free. Here is the process:

1 minute in the morning

  • Spray tonic lotion
  • 2-3 drops of your precious serum

3 minutes in the evening

  • Massage with cleansing oil
  • Clean with natural soap
  • Spray tonic lotion
  • 2-3 drops of your precious serum

Consistency is important as with everything. Do you really want to take care of yourself? Even if it's only 4 minutes. You should allow yourself that time for your well-being.

The beauty routine is really a health ritual from you to you.

Morning and evening.

And if you take the opportunity to massage your skin with your fingers and say benevolent words like "I am beautiful", "I am capable", "I love myself"...

Or to light a candle that smells of heaven.

The list is endless...

I have spots on my face, what do you recommend?

It is very important to protect your skin from the sun. But beware, black skin is also affected. There are natural sunscreens.

The Nour routine is the most appropriate for unifying your complexion, but it is important to let the skin breathe without foundation.

Then, it is important to exfoliate your skin every week to rid it of dead cells. These must be removed so that the underlying cells rise. This promotes cell regeneration.

Concretely, the exfoliation helps to smooth the skin and have a clearer complexion. When the spots are recent, this facilitates their reduction (read our article on Pigment spots).

It is in this spirit that we marketed the Mahona 2-in-1 treatment. In order to complete your beauty routines which will be more effective. Deep cleansing allows the precious oils from Africa to unleash their full potential on your skin.

Mahona, what is it?

These are three natural treatments to mix yourself. DIY.

  • Mahona powder contains cleansing clays but that's not all. You will find superfoods such as spirulina, cocoa, oats, German chamomile, hibiscus. Truly a cocktail of nutrients to deeply cleanse your skin
  • Mahona activating oil with Touloucouna
  • Mahona lotion with carrot tops

First, the deep-cleansing scrub. It's intense yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Then, the mask is to be followed immediately. It soothes and regenerates the skin thanks to the precious oil from Africa: Touloucouna. It is a very powerful and very rich oil.

Mahona is a spa-worthy treatment with a delicious chocolate scent!

I don't know my skin type.

We have a test on our online store: HERE

If you do not use the right care for your skin type, you will not enjoy the benefits of precious oils from Africa or any other cosmetic for that matter. Which would be a shame!

I don't know if my skin has become dry when it's usually oily!

Know that your skin type ( combination , dry or oily ) does not change over the course of your life, but you could suffer from temporary dehydration. So even oily skin can be dehydrated.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my water, fruit and vegetable consumption?
  • Am I in a very heated room?
  • Do I drink alcohol or am I a coffee addict?

Increase your fluids as this is a temporary situation but do not use cosmetics for dry skin when your skin type is: oily skin. You are likely to be disappointed.

I hope I was able to answer your questions and encourage you to overcome your fears. Let me know if you have any more in the comments.

With love,

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