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April 06, 2021

Crème hydratante : j'en veux plus ! - Dado Cosmetics

Did you know that your moisturizer can contain water up to 90% of its weight?

Does that surprise or shock you?

Me too. We all know it's the first ingredient in a moisturizer, but I personally didn't think of such a percentage. There are also preservatives, some of which are potentially endocrine disruptors or carcinogens!

Despite everything, the marketing of the big manufacturers made us believe that the cream was the only treatment worthy of the name to protect and moisturize the superficial layers of the epidermis.

But is it really the only solution to hydrate our skin?

Indeed, I have never encountered a jar of cream in nature. And you?

Maybe there is something more natural? Better suited to human skin? This is what we will discover together in this article.

The functioning of the skin

To begin with, as humans, the skin protects us from the external environment by creating this barrier against bacteria and fungi. It is the most important organ of the body (between 3 and 5 kilos in women) which has its own rules of operation.

natural care

With the climate, the stress and the pollution, it undergoes many external aggressions. This is why it is essential to provide it with the resources necessary for its vitality and beauty. Because unhealthy skin brings inconveniences such as itching, pimples or diseases.

Why refuse the cream?

Take the time to think about it for 2 minutes.

The industrialists bathed us with the idea that only cream had its place in our bathroom. Through publicity with stars, we dreamed of beautiful and sublime skin all due to the application of the miraculous cream.

But what does it contain?

First, by reading its label, you will find "aqua" or water in position #1.

Then, the fats are often mineral oils, that is to say that waste from the petroleum industry is recycled in the cosmetics industry. See in it a purely economic interest.

It is an aberration to spread "petroleum", silicones because with these dead materials, at best, they bring nothing to the skin. At worst, they form an occlusive film. Thus, the skin no longer breathes and the care no longer penetrates. But it is our largest organ!

Finally, adding water involves the use of preservatives that prevents you from finding your cream with a layer of mold. However, some of these preservatives are potentially carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors.

Attention, in recent years, the word "natural" has entered the stores. Above all, don't let yourself be fooled by " greenwashing ", which is the art of passing dirty care products off as clean.

A small green plant here, the green color there and voila! Do not trust the packaging and always read the composition of the product. If you don't understand, you don't have to buy now!

“The people perish for lack of knowledge” and when it comes to cosmetics, it is real nonsense that is being played out in this multi-billion dollar market.

A quick reminder, it's never a question of price but of company values. A luxury treatment is not a guarantee and may contain mineral oils, silicone, perfumes... In this case, they will affect the texture of the treatment.

Our resemblance to plants

Of course, nature has something to offer for us.

By the way, did you know that plants have a similar functioning to humans? They reproduce and develop stronger offspring.

African precious oils

The more they grow in extreme climates, the more the plants develop means of survival and become more and more robust.

This reinforced genetic heritage is found in these seeds.

However, vegetable oils come from these same seeds.

By cold pressing them, farmers collect their juice which is pure nectar. A concentrate of nutrients and vitamins necessary for skin health for repair, healing, regeneration and nutrition.

Indeed, vegetable oils are nature's answer to beautify our skin and have been for millennia.

They have an affinity with our DNA, that is to say they have an extraordinary ability to penetrate our skin in order to sublimate it.

Please note, I am talking about those that are used in respectful and ethical conditions:

  1. Virgin or extra-virgin oil
  2. Organic or natural (pesticide free, wild harvested)
  3. First cold pressing

Maybe you have apprehensions?

A vegetable oil on my skin will be oily. Or will it stain my clothes? Or even, I had never thought of it elsewhere than in my kitchen!

Yet, for millennia, women have been using these raw vegetable oils. These are real precious treatments for the beauty of the skin. They have their own specificities and some penetrate at an incredible speed.

Some examples of vegetable oils.

vegetable oils dado cosmetics

They are nature's obvious and logical answer to beautify the skin. We are living beings like plants and our DNAs recognize each other.

The solution is around us and it is the plants.

At Dado Cosmetics, we work with precious oils from Africa in our beauty routines. The climatic conditions of this continent enrich them with unique benefits.

Plus, we don't use water with our serums or face washes. As a result, we automatically eliminate all endocrine disruptors and offer a minimalist and clean composition. Only 100% natural care.

Our precious oils from Africa have the particularity of being dry, that is to say that they instantly penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy film. It's not like olive oil!

Baobab has the distinction of being one of the finest oils in the world. It contains a high level of vitamin E, it is a natural antioxidant, perfect to fight the signs of aging of the skin. A must have for dry and/or mature skin.

Hibiscus has the ability to balance sebum for combination skin. Moreover, you don't have to juggle between dry areas and oily areas. It is also very rich in natural antioxidants.

As for watermelon, a delicious and refreshing fruit but which hides in its seeds a miraculous precious oil for oily skin. I know applying an oil to oily skin sounds ridiculous but this one is different. It mattifies and regulates excess sebum. Nature should never be underestimated. It holds many miracles.

The Touloucuna - It comes only from Casamance in southern Senegal. A powerful oil to deeply regenerate the skin. It develops a thick appearance when temperatures drop.

beautiful black woman

It is not easy to change the paradigm. Since your childhood, you religiously applied the moisturizer but the transition to vegetable oils and more particularly, the precious ones from Africa is a real sensory experience. The touch, the feeling of the oil on the skin, the scents, the facial massage plunges you into a moment of well-being, of reconnection with your person. You are calm.

With a good combination of precious oils, your skin is beautified and illuminated because you bring it real nourishment. Skin is alive so treat it with respect. It's simple.

Without compromising the peace of mind of offering your body 100% natural and effective care.

By bringing light, you will be better informed in order to make conscious and informed decisions. This is why Dado Cosmetics is committed to helping you sort out the real from the fake while providing you with quality natural care.

With love,


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September 17, 2020

Waouh très bel article! Facile à lire et rempli de savoir! Merci❤

Véronique Gautier
Véronique Gautier

September 17, 2020

C’est un article très intéressant Dado. Merci pour ces informations importantes bien vulgarisées. J’avais arrêté d’utiliser des crèmes hydratantes pendant plusieurs mois. Puis j’ai recommencé avec une base d’une marque de produits naturels mais, même si c’est en petite quantité, elle contient tout de même quelques produits chimiques et ton article me pousse à nouveau à réfléchir…

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