How to avoid endocrine disruptors in regular-use products?

November 06, 2020

Comment éviter les perturbateurs endocriniens ? - Dado Cosmetics

How to avoid endocrine disruptors?

With the end-of-year celebrations, we want to please our loved ones by offering them beautiful gifts (beauty products, perfumes, clothes, etc.). It is very noble but due to the lack of knowledge, we can opt for gifts that are harmful to human health.

Indeed, with the era of industrialization, manufacturing methods are not always ethical.

In this article, I inform you about endocrine disruptors and how to avoid them in order to make conscious purchases.

What is an endocrine disruptor?

Endocrine disruptors

The endocrine system includes all the organs and tissues that secrete hormones. And what are hormones?

Hormones are natural substances that act as chemical messengers between different parts of the body. And they control essential and varied functions such as:

  • the growth
  • the reproduction
  • sexual function
  • the sleep
  • hunger
  • regulates moods
  • at body temperature
  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar levels...

That is to say their importance in the balance of our health. However, endocrine disruptors “disturb” this balance.

These are sometimes of natural but mostly artificial origin. We find them in cosmetics but also in our food, household products, clothing, plastic materials,... In short, they are all around us.

How do they impact our health?

Endocrine disruptors

  1. By mimicking the action of our hormones, endocrine disruptors send contradictory messages to body cells.

“It's like asking our body to go to Montreal and Dakar at the same time. It's impossible!"

2. EDCs attach themselves to receptors and block or prevent the actions of our hormones.

3. By altering the natural production of our hormones.

All these disturbances " can" sooner or later create significant health problems such as:

  • hormone-dependent cancers
  • fertility problems
  • genital birth defects
  • diabetes, obesity...

So, of course, we can hear reassuring speeches that these endocrine disruptors are only used in low doses in products. Certainly, but we consume them on a daily basis. And what is dangerous is the interaction between these different endocrine disruptors. This is called “the cocktail effect”

For example, a woman can consume nearly 126 chemicals before her morning coffee. Between shampoo, toothpaste, perfume and so on.

You won't find any studies on what each individual personally uses because it's not measurable. So no one can know the real health effects of this cocktail.

On the other hand, studies indicate that breast cancers increasingly concern young women or that couples have more difficulty procreating (many PMA - medically assisted procreation).

Where are endocrine disruptors found?

Endocrine disruptors

In most of our everyday products. This is why it is necessary to be aware of it in order to make informed choices.

  • phthalates or bisphenol A used in plastic materials such as infant bottles.
  • pesticides in conventional food (moreover to recognize them, there is a 4-digit number on the food. If the first digit is “4” then it has been sprayed with pesticides)
  • flame retardants that can be found in new furniture.
  • Certain components in cosmetics such as parabens, BHT, EDTA, triclosan in toothpaste, UV filters, etc.

Read our article on parabens

In cosmetics, it is important to read the labels. One rule, if you don't understand, make a simple decision: DROP IT!

This decision is all the more important for pregnant women, fetuses, children and people with a weak immune system.

Never think that because the cosmetic is intended for children or pregnant women, it is risk-free. Various product tests show the opposite. Besides, I've seen infant wipes with potentially carcinogenic preservatives. It is an aberration!

For the record, I stopped using conventional care 5 years ago on my children and me. The skin around my then 5 year old son's eyes reacted. It blackened. However, I bought appropriate care at the pharmacy. What was my fear? Imagine the guilt I felt. So his 5-year-old body was already polluted. This is part of the reasons for the creation of my company Dado Cosmetics.

So, of course cosmetics play an important role because we apply them daily. But they are not the only ones because food, the material of our clothes or our detergents and many other industries also have an impact. They are all in direct contact with our skin.

A question to ask: why not ban them?

Because these regulations are difficult and maybe because these manufacturers are not considerate of our health. Indeed, as long as there are consumers, why change things?!

What are the alternatives ?

Healthy eating

In food, it will be to favor local and seasonal products. Preferably organic. To go to the markets and discuss with the producers in order to understand their approach.

Read the article: What diet is best for beautiful skin?

For clothing, favor natural fibers such as linen, silk, organic cotton over synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose and lycra. Many ethical brands have come up with such options.

Even if the price of such fabrics is low, there is necessarily a price to pay and it is the most vulnerable who suffer (child labourers working in inhumane conditions).

In natural cosmetics, many natural brands are available like Dado Cosmetics. The important thing is to look at the list of ingredients and understand them.

Natural care

To conclude, the objective of this article is to trigger awareness in your purchases , especially during the holiday season. To know that any purchasing decision has an impact on your health but also to send a strong message to unethical companies. Who do you support with your money?

Today, my mission is to inform women about the dangers of conventional cosmetics and to offer 100% natural alternatives. Not 50% or 80%! Because it exists and works very well. Everything is in nature and you have to use it while respecting it.

We specialize in precious oils from Africa because the sun brings unprecedented vitality to the seeds. These same seeds are cold pressed in the traditional way to offer their pure nectar: ​​precious oils bursting with vitamins and minerals to reveal the original radiance of your skin.

Tell us if you plan to make conscious purchases this year with ethical brands? Your keyboards.

Dado Bathily

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December 13, 2023

Thank you for this informative article, awarness is key.


November 13, 2020

Bel article

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