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  • 3 savons naturels, saponifié à froid sur un drap en lin
  • Eponge konjac blanche avec fil de suspension dans un bol marron clair
  • Homme noir tenant le serum Galam en verre givré avec un bec verseur noir
  • 3 soins naturels et 1 savon Awa sur des cônes avec une branche de palmier

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  • My story

    A moment with Dado

    This morning, I woke up with an unrecognizable face. To my amazement, my skin took on 30 years overnight. I understood that I had just experienced a violent allergic reaction to my conventional cream. It was a shock, because I had been using this cream for weeks, and this was something I didn't expect. I had to find a solution immediately.

    During my research, I discovered endocrine disruptors and their devastating effects on health. I was stunned. All my optimistic beliefs about the beauty industry crumbled. All the products that I thought were healthy just weren't, and even those aimed at children weren't spared.

    It was then that I was introduced to the world of precious oils from Africa and it was a revelation: my skin lit up, I had never seen it like this. It was radiant and deeply nourished for the first time. I realized that healthy skin needs nothing to glow.


    I immediately felt the need to share this treasure with women of all backgrounds. This is how Dado Cosmetics was born: for the well-being of all those goddesses who, like me, are looking for truly natural care, without compromise.

    Because you are precious every day of your life, we offer you all the essential products for your daily skincare: cleansing oil, serum, deodorant, soap, lip balm,...

    So come! Come live the Dado moment; a moment of pure voluptuousness just for you or nothing matters more than all the good you do for yourself while respecting your values.