5 natural ways to fight against the effects of the face mask on your Skin.

October 30, 2020

5 conseils naturels pour lutter contre les effets du masque sur la peau ? - Dado Cosmetics

With winter approaching, our skin has to adapt to the new colder and drier climate. But this year is special because we had to live with a virus for a while. The skin suffers from wearing the daily face mask. You may already be feeling the side effects. Your skin changes and you no longer know what to do to regain a radiant and sublime complexion.

If you can relate, it's time you read this article as it offers 5 simple and easy-to-apply tips. Your skin will thank you.

  1. The choice of non-medical mask

face cover

The quality of the fabric and its ergonomics are very important because they contribute to the well-being and comfort of your skin. Always choose your face coverings with 2 layers of natural fibers such as organic cotton or linen to let the skin breathe. They are less irritating because they contain fewer chemicals and toxic substances.

The nose and mouth must be covered without leaving a gap.

For fixing this, avoid rubber bands that can hurt the ears.

If your profession requires you to wear a face covering all day long, the quality of the fabric is really essential. The key here is to let the skin BREATHE.

  1. Prepare your skin

Natural care Dado Cosmetics

As always, gentle cleansing remains the basis for beautiful skin. It's essential to remove the impurities accumulated during the day every evening. Not to mention that with the wearing of the mask, your skin doesn't breathe as well.

Gentle cleansing has 2 phases: double cleansing.

  1. The cleansing oil removes impurities, and traces of pollution and prevents the appearance of small pimples, thanks to the sacred oil of Nigella.
  2. A surgras soap that washes and removes impurities stuck in sweat.

This 2-step cleansing makes your skin so clean that it's evident.

Then, apply your serum according to your skin type before wearing your mask. For more information on cleaning the skin, click HERE.

This discipline is to be practiced every day whether you are wearing makeup or not.

  1. Avoid toxic makeup

Toxic Care

Inside the mask, your skin breathes less because very little air circulates. Sweating creates a humid atmosphere conducive to the development of bacteria. So adding foundation can clog pores.

Obstruction of pores causes pimples and even pigment spots.

If you have to wear foundation, we recommend mineral powders without bismuth oxychloride. The latter is used for its low cost but above all, it creates allergies for the most sensitive skin.

These mineral powders allow the skin to breathe better than cream or liquid foundations the compositions of which often include silicones and endocrine disruptors that are harmful to our health.

  1. Soothe redness

face mask

If you have irritation or itching, we recommend a weekly exfoliation followed by a regenerating mask like the 2-in-1 Exfoliation and Mask with African Precious Oil.

There are 2 types of exfoliation:

1. Enzymatic exfoliation

These are the fruit enzymes that nibble away dead skin cells. It is a comparatively intense but very gentle cleansing that can be used even on sensitive skin.

2. Mechanical exfoliation

    It is the most classic form of exfoliation that we find in the majority of beauty products. These are grains that remove dead cells through the circular action of the hands on the skin.

    ALWAYS follow it up with a mask that deeply soothes and nourishes the skin. With the dead skin cells getting removed, the skin regains softness and new radiance. The redness is reduced.

    1. Limit imperfections

    Oily skin

    In an environment where the skin breathes little, pimples and clogged pores multiply. It is important to avoid comedogenic treatments because they promote the appearance of pimples. The most comedogenic oils are wheat germ oil and coconut oil. Moreover, the latter tends to dry out the skin. It should always be combined with another vegetable oil.

    Certain oils such as Nigella or grapeseed help fight against imperfections. These dry oils do not leave a greasy film on your skin.

    For oily skin, in particular, it is important to have a simple beauty routine so as not to aggravate imperfections, and spots or promote acne. Read our article on 5 natural remedies to fight against pigment spots.


    Fight against droughts

    Dry skin

    The skin can dry out with the wearing of the mask and the use of heaters. It is important to balance the skin with nourishing oils like Baobab. It is one of the finest oils in the world which quickly penetrates the skin and nourishes it deeply. Its richness in antioxidants makes it a powerful natural treatment to fight against the signs of aging. Let's kill two birds with one stone!

    Your diet also plays a central role in limiting water loss. For example, drinking herbal teas, green tea, or plain water. At the same time, avoid things that dehydrate such as coffee, alcohol, and tobacco.

    With intensive hand washing and hydroalcoholic gels, the skin gets irritated and damaged. To allow it to regain its softness, apply an ultra-nourishing repairing balm. Organic mango butter allows rehydration after exposure to external aggressions.

    Tips: choose superfatted natural soaps that clean the skin better. Note, the foam does not wash! Non-organic conventional soaps can be very irritating because the suds come from surfactants used for washing industrial floors. Not great for the skin you will agree. You will recognize them with the acronyms SLS or MIT.

    To conclude, these are our 5 beauty tips with bonuses to have better skin quality despite wearing a mask. They are simple to apply. As with anything, knowledge and its application allows you to have that beautiful skin all the time. In other words, daily discipline is what gives long-term results.

    Tell us in the comments the advice that touched you the most and that you are going to apply.

    With love,


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