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  • 9 skincare tips to take care of your skin this winter!

    November 13, 2020

    9 conseils beauté pour prendre soin de sa peau cet hiver ! - Dado Cosmetics

    Maintaining beautiful skin despite the winter is possible with these varied beauty tips. From excessive heat to cooler temperatures, it's only optimal to adapt your beauty routine to this new drier, and colder environment. With our 100% natural advice, your skin will have a healthy glow and reveal its original radiance. Discover them in this article.


    Steam bath

    Steam baths open the pores of the skin to rid it of all accumulated impurities.

    It consists of putting hot water in a container and throwing in a handful of lavender, rose, spearmint flowers, or essential oils depending on your needs at the time. You cover your head with a towel for ten minutes. Note, it is not recommended for those who suffer from rosacea.

    Always check beforehand if you have no contraindications. The steam bath is a moment for yourself to practice before exfoliation. It brightens the complexion, soothes the tensions of the day, and if you use essential oils, it becomes a real treatment and a moment of relaxation.


    cleansing oil

    This is a MANDATORY step. Remember to remove makeup and cleanse your skin with cleansing oil every night, even if you don't wear makeup.

    It rids the skin of all impurities, traces of sweat, and pollution. Nothing better than fat to remove fat.

    The optimal time is to take this break as soon as you get home. Thus, the skin has time to breathe a long time before bedtime.

    Otherwise, sleeping with an unclean face leads to imperfections such as small pimples, clogged pores, and especially pigment spots (especially on black skin).


    Face scrub

    Do exfoliations every week to renew your skin and rid your skin of dead cells that give this dull appearance to your complexion.

    A good scrub not only removes dead skin but also cleans pores and smoothens the complexion.

    It can be mechanical (with circular gestures) with small grains or enzymatic like the Mahona scrub. In this case, the cleaning is more intense but gentle enough for sensitive skin.


    face mask

    An important rule: always follow a scrub with a regenerating mask to nourish and soothe your skin. It is essential to protect it because its hydrolipidic film has been altered. It is therefore vulnerable to bacteriological attack. Be careful, for masks containing clay, you should never let it dry out, and always use a wooden spoon and not a metal one so as not to alter its benefits.

    5- OIL BATH

    Dry hands

    For chapped hands and feet, bathe regularly in organic extra-virgin olive oil. Make it warm and massage your limbs by penetrating the warm oil. Wipe off the excess with a towel. Then wear gloves or socks to create a sauna effect. The heat makes the oil penetrate deeply for a deep repair.

    Silky and soft effect guaranteed! Then, maintain them daily by repairing hand and foot balms.


    Soap bars are preferable to shower gel because:

    • they contain fewer ingredients
    • zero waste
    • last longer

    Choose surgras natural soaps, without palm oil and cold saponified. They thus preserve their glycerin, the noble part of the soap. It's the secret to nourished skin that doesn't dry out.

    We recommend you apply body butter to avoid crocodile skin. Always on slightly damp skin for better penetration. Grand cru shea butter intensely heals and repairs the skin. It is protected from external aggressions. You can get dressed immediately without worrying about a greasy film on your skin or something that stains your clothes.

    The more adventurous folks can have a shower with lukewarm water, ending with a jet of cool water.


    intimate gel

    For your intimate hygiene, never use your body soap. Its PH is high and this could disturb your flora.

    The water remains amply sufficient or the use of lavender hydrosol.

    For special intimate hygiene soaps, I strongly urge you to read the composition. You will be surprised to find endocrine disruptors harmful to your health.

    Read the article: How to avoid endocrine disruptors?


    Body massage

    Take the time to massage your face with the oily serums. Take the time to reconnect with your being through touch. The precious oils from Africa are gentle and make perfect massage oils for the face.

    Always massage from the bottom of the face upwards in order to fight against gravity.

    You can also use massage candles with your spouse or with the children. Moments of relaxation are guaranteed without forgetting the connection that it brings between people.


    Dry brushing

    Practice dry brushing on the body. It helps to boost blood circulation, and lymph, eliminate dead skin and make the skin really soft. Always use a brush with natural bristles. You can easily find them in organic stores or on the internet. Take one with a long handle to brush your back. It is to be done alternately with the shower.

    These are the 8 beauty tips that help skin cope with cold weather. Tell me in the comments what advice you are going to apply.

    Take care of yourself. You are your best friend.

    With love, 


    3 Responses


    November 17, 2020

    Bain d’huile
    Bain Vapeur
    Adios gel douche
    Goal tout lhiver

    Murielle Mi
    Murielle Mi

    November 17, 2020

    Merci pour les astuces,Dado! ;)

    AGOLI-AGBO Manoëlle
    AGOLI-AGBO Manoëlle

    November 17, 2020

    Contente d’avoir connu ses produis. Depuis 1 semaine que je me suis appropriée ses soins. Franchement, mon visage est net et luisant. Je vais continuer ma routine avec mes joujoux Dado cosmétics. Pure merveille! J’adore. AU PASSAGE J’AI LA GAMME PEAU SECHE.

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