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  • How to treat blackheads?

    December 11, 2020

    Comment traiter les points noirs ? - Dado Cosmetics

    Blackheads are the bane of many women. These imperfections have an unsightly side that can disturb or make you feel uncomfortable. However, by taking certain actions, they can be avoided and providing you a glowy radiant skin in good health. In this article, we are going to understand what blackheads are and the ways to treat them in a natural way.

    Why do we have blackheads?

    Oily skin

    You should know that all skin types are prone to blackheads. We all have pores on our skin. You know those little holes in the skin from where sweat and sebum (oily liquid) come out?

    In oily skin, they are more dilated so you can see them more easily than on dry skin (see photo above).

    If the skin does not eliminate excess sebum, the pores get clogged and blackheads appear. They are a mixture of sebum and keratinocytes that have oxidized, which explains their black color. They measure between 1 and 3 mm in diameter and if not taken care of properly, they can develop into a pustule.

    When blackheads get inflamed, they become painful!

    How ?

    Indeed, when the sebum stagnates on the skin, a bacterium develops there: the propionibacterium cnes. Although it is normally present on the surface of the skin, it will develop very quickly by feeding on the fatty acids contained in the sebum. Its proliferation leads to inflammatory pain.

    How to get rid of blackheads?

    Natural care

    It is essential to listen to your body in order to understand the triggers of inflammation. Get into the habit of writing down in a diary what happens to you (period of joy, positive actions but also stress, the introduction of a new food or excess, lack of sleep, etc.). This will make it easier for you to relate to the circumstances that triggered the blackheads. Prevention is always better!

    Diet plays a key role. Indeed, a diet rich in dairy products, sugars and cereals increases the level of inflammation and the development of blackheads. However, it is this type of food that is common in industrialized countries. But know that elsewhere, in the world, this phenomenon simply does not exist!

    For example, the inhabitants (adults and adolescents) of New Guinea, on the island of Kitava. Their diet is completely different and consists of fresh foods such as fruits, fish and tubers that provide fiber and antioxidants.

    So we can deduce that by favoring a more natural diet, and by banning industrial products (that have excessive salt, sugars and fat), the body will be less inflamed and the skin more radiant.

    Moreover, if you are a fan of dairy products (milk, yogurt or cheese), challenge yourself: stop consuming them for 1 month and see the effects on your skin. You would be surprised at the results.

    Are you under stress?

    Stress is a normal reaction of the body but it should only be temporary. When it sustains over time, it harms your well-being by inflaming your body! As a result, blackheads appear and grow.

    There are stress management methods to apply. You can note the triggers in order to move away from them or to anticipate.

    Prayer and meditation also allow you to let go. Indeed, worrying about the situation does not solve it, but by taking the height, you could have a different angle of view and a solution could come up. I hope you do!

    But in some cases, you would need professional help, so don't hesitate! One conversation or one word can completely change the game.

    Your lifestyle.

    Do you have good restful sleep? This is when the body assimilates and repairs itself.

    Always get ready 2 hours before bedtime. Establish a routine, that is, a habit that will ensure that you will no longer have to think about it.

    For example, dim the lights if possible or why not light candles. Diffuse essential oils such as lavender or bigarade petitgrain to soothe the tensions of the day.

    To get started, you can set an alarm on your phone indicating the start time of the routine. For example, 7:30 p.m. for a 9:30 p.m. bedtime.

    One last tip: program the automatic shutdown of your smartphone 1 hour before bedtime. Blue light and WI-FI degrade the quality of our sleep.

    Which beauty routine to adopt?

    Natural care

    It is imperative to carry out a thorough cleaning of the skin to eliminate excess sebum. Avoid conventional cosmetics and those containing alcohol as much as possible. Such aggressive ingredients will hardly improve your situation or provide temporary relief.

    So, opt for 100% natural care if you haven't already! Care that is meant for humans.


    Spray a toner with organic lavender (soothes redness-prone skin and reduce blemishes) or organic carrot root to soothe redness and irritation.

    Apply the precious serum according to your skin type.


    Cleanse your face with a cleansing oil containing the sacred oil of Nigella. It helps prevent small pimples and tightens pores.

    Complete the cleaning with a cold saponified soap . Its specificity is to cleanse without attacking the skin because it retains its natural glycerin.

    These 2 steps are called DOUBLE CLEANSING. The cleansing oil removes excess sebum, traces of pollution and make-up while the soap removes the impurities stuck in the sweat.

    This cleanses the skin which is the foundation of beautiful and healthy skin.

    Spray a toner with organic lavender or organic carrot root or peppermint to soothe redness and irritation.

    Apply aloe vera gel to blackheads or apply your precious serum .

    For a more intense and deep cleansing, use a scrub and a mask like the Mahona treatment - to be done once a week.

    To conclude, blackheads are not inevitable. Desiring beautiful skin that glows with light is entirely commendable, but it's also important to understand that skin responds to our habits. Apply them and you will see a noticeable difference in the quality of your skin.

    Thus, it is important to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, sports, positive thoughts and have a lot of love in your life...).

    Then cleanse every evening with 100% natural care that respects your skin. It is imperative because regularity is the key to obtaining visible and lasting results.

    Tell us in the comments what actions you're going to take.

    With love,


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