Eternally Healthy Skin: Are anti-aging creams really effective?

October 08, 2019

Les crèmes anti-âges sont-elles vraiment efficaces ? - Dado Cosmetics

Part 1/2

Every morning, we observe ourselves in front of the mirror in our bathroom. We didn't believe it but they are indeed our first wrinkles. Depending on our perception, we can rejoice in it or suffer from it. In any case, it will be a choice. Your choice !

Me, I decided to like them. Each of them because they tell my story and above all, reflect the wisdom that I gained with the passage of time.

  1. In what world are we living ?

I'm not teaching you anything when I tell you that in the Western world, women must always be on top of their form and their beauty, no matter what is happening in their lives. Our judgments of others, even as a woman, can be very harsh.
Since a little girl, we have been imposed images so far from reality: to be thin, “superwoman” and above all to keep eternal youth.
This same youth represented by 25-year-old models supposed to be 40 years old 😬
How can you feel after that? We live in a weird society!

2. The anti-solutions of the cosmetics industry

When I was younger, I learned that wrinkles start at 40, but you had to prepare your skin from the age of 30 or even 25. Even if you don't have wrinkles at this age, the beauty industry creates a need for anti-aging creams (anti-wrinkles are for established wrinkles).
What if it was all just about profit?
Seriously, at 25, in the prime of life, do you need to stuff your face with hyaluronic acid, collagen, nice thingy and whatnot?
For the industry, yes. It is their interest and they are right to do so. But this proposal, we can also reject it. Everything is a question of choice. Are we eating this soup here? Yes or no. POINT.

But when, I think about it, a few years ago, I was running around the shops and trying to find the awesome cream when I didn't have any particular problem but I was happy to have my awesome anti-aging cream. I smeared my face. Did I see results? Well, no, and that's the most pitiful thing. I was creating false problems for myself because I had decided to listen to people who told me that at 25, I had to prepare my skin. And of course, I like to tell myself that I see results. But that NÉNI. No change in the appearance of my skin except that I tested a new cream and my wallet got fat.

3. Why were the results not good?

Because I didn't find my skin naturally beautiful. I felt compelled to put on foundation. So, yes I love to wear makeup but I was not really satisfied with the radiance of my complexion. I had to add liquid foundation and powder to mattify and make it look like my natural skin tone. But between you and me, in the evening, when removing make-up, I can see that it's a decoy. I'm in front of my mirror and the complexion I see isn't as gorgeous or luminous. But the next day, I started again.

But one day, following an allergy to my umpteenth cream, I had a realization. Already on the quality of the ingredients and then on their toxic effects on my skin.

This realization took me into a whole new world, but first, I'll tell you how I realized that the face cream was a huge scam.

4. What was its composition?

Its main ingredient? 
Water and this can represent up to 80-90% of the formula 😱.

That's still a lot and yes, there are assets more or less interesting but still. In addition, preservatives are needed to limit the proliferation of bacteria and these can be controversial. In fact, some are endocrine disruptors (EP). These are chemical substances of natural or artificial origin that are foreign to our organism. Concretely, what does that mean?

These EPs mimic our hormones, except it is the latter that control our vital organs. Basically, with their imitation, it's like asking our body to go to Montreal and Paris at the same time. The body cannot understand this message and from there, abnormalities such as certain cancers, among others, could occur.

Despite the always contradictory studies, there would be a link between PE and the decline in the quality of sperm, anomaly in the reproductive function, certain hormone-dependent cancers. These are no small matters. So cosmetics alone are not in question but they are as important as food and water. In short, these are things you don't want to put in your body, right?

A cream is always made up of water, fatty substances and an emulsifier to bind the 2. The fatty substances can be vegetable oils or petroleum derivatives. In bios, we can find precious vegetable oils but it is not an obligation. Indeed, you can also find hydrogenated or esterified oils there. That is, they are mixed with hydrogen or alcohol to give a so-called "silkier effect". I mostly think it helps reduce the cost of production if you know what I mean. When you have quality oils (first pressing, cold and organic), you don't spoil them with alcohol. Would you agree?

These are therefore, by logic, vegetable oils of lesser quality but that remains my opinion and what I want here is to open up to reflection.

So, back to my cream. It contains all of these things. But you will tell me, I only consume organic. I will tell you: good for you, but be careful all the same. Organic farming in food is not the same as in cosmetics. Besides, do you think that an organic cream is 100% organic? Never. Why, because water is never organic and since it's the main ingredient in cream… Always read your labels, ladies. Do not stay only on the packaging with the organic logo or the green color of nature. The different specifications do not have the same requirements. German labels are more demanding but allow the use of alcohol which can be irritating. Each label has its share of positives and negatives. Such is life!

Then, some treatments contain silicone and this has an occlusive effect. It does not let the skin breathe but above all, it creates this illusion that the skin is hydrated or nourished. Fake. Once the cream is applied to the skin, the water remains locked in by the silicone layer. But as a result, nothing penetrates the skin and that's when you are made to understand that you have to change your cream. And yes, it was discovered in a forest far away a miraculous molecule, with a very exotic name.

5. Fog or Mirrors?

Well, of course, we rush on the latter. Moreover, this or that star happily extols the merits. It must work. But did you know that their cachet is more important than the money used for research and development. And yes, marketing is the biggest expense.

But one question, why do some of them who boast about this miraculous cream get botox injections? They weren't extolling the merits of the anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream or else, it's their way of making money and I'm not against it, but is the message honest for us consumers?

So, in my opinion, the anti-aging cream is not the optimal solution to improve the quality of the skin. Why I say it because I experienced a transformation.

I talk about it in my next article here .

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