Eternally Healthy Skin: Anti-aging with Natural Skincare

October 08, 2019

Pourquoi adopter les huiles végétales ? - Dado Cosmetics

Part 2/2

In this second part, we will deal with the other possibilities

Natural and effective solutions

Following my allergic reaction, more than 3 years ago now, I absolutely wanted to use natural care. At first, I went for organic but in view of the different labels, I no longer had confidence, especially when I see Phenoxyethanol (a potentially carcinogenic preservative) in certain so-called natural creams. I wanted to tear my hair out. Luckily I shaved them 😉 

Ask and you shall receive! This is how I discovered vegetable oils. A real miracle on my skin, my complexion which lights up almost instantly. As if my skin was thanking me for having finally listened to and respected it.

Why vegetable oils?

First, it's not all vegetable oils. I speak in my experience, of those of Africa like the baobab, the hibiscus or the watermelon. They are bottled treasures and we are not aware of them because we are conditioned by the fact that there is only cream to solve our wrinkle or skin problems. However, elsewhere in the world, beauty routines have existed since the pharaohs of Egypt. Oils like Nigella had a very important place in their daily lives.

It was especially when I discovered their benefits on my skin that I realized that there was no miracle. Oils are the most natural way to deeply nourish the skin.

So of course, you have to choose those that are of quality but let me tell you about these:

The baobab .

baobab fruit

It is a prestigious tree of Africa. We eat everything, from leaves to seeds. Besides, it is a superfood.

Its precious oil is one of the finest in the world. In other words, it instantly penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film. But that's not all. It pulverizes all anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams because it is rich in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant. So, it helps to slow down the aging of the skin and that in a natural way.

The same is true for hibiscus. It is consumed and its flowers embellish our interiors. It is also very rich in natural antioxidants.


And watermelon, we talk about it. This wonderful oil is a blessing for oily skin. It seems weird to you a mattifying oil 😬. And yet, nature has secrets that we do not fully know. So, I repeat just in case: watermelon helps to mattify oily skin that shines like a thousand lights ✨.

Why does it work?

Plants are alive like us and their goal is to perpetuate themselves like humans. Women are looking for a strong man for healthy children. The plants, they will concentrate all their powers in their seeds. And guess where vegetable oils come from? From these same seeds. YES YES.

So the seeds have in them the best of the plant to give oils rich in vitamins and minerals. Without forgetting the African sun!

At Dado Cosmetics, we use those that are cold pressed, in the traditional way, by African women in cooperatives in Senegal, Ghana. This allows them to be paid at the right price because you have to know that when the big manufacturers arrive, they set their purchase price. Not being sufficiently organized, it is a descent of prices down. So they provide the raw material but remain in total poverty? This is not conceivable in my reality.

african woman with shea

But in addition in vegetable oils, there is no water so no need for natural or controversial preservatives. Isn't life beautiful? 😁

So plants are alive like us and our DNAs have affinities. Once the fine oil penetrates the skin, a silky veil is deposited. If you were already with natural care, switching to precious oils from Africa will change your reality. And it is those around you who will notice.

To conclude, yes, we can have beautiful skin, enjoy aging without it showing too much. And if nature once again could help us with precious oils from Africa because they are naturally rich in these antioxidants that the cosmetics industry manufactures synthetically and/or artificially.

Awareness with a return to the sources is more than necessary. Going for quality natural care is a beneficial choice for your health and well-being. I tell you again and again, in this life, everything is a matter of choice. I want to feel good and be the most beautiful, as long as possible and if the precious oils from Africa can help me, then I take this gift from Nature. Why not? And you, are you ready to switch to superior quality natural care? To change the way you take care of yourself? To change the texture of your care? The oils are so nice. I know from experience thanks to my clients that those whose skin has adopted precious oils never look back.


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