October 07, 2019 1 min read

You have surely heard of aluminum salts and their dangers, particularly on breast cancer.

What is it exactly?

An antiperspirant MUST contain aluminum salts because they tighten the pores of the skin by preventing perspiration. So you won't SWEAT, but the danger is that the aluminum doesn't leave your body and can get lodged in the brain (Alzheimer's) or in the cells near the breast (breast cancer). In addition, sweating is a natural mechanism because the body regulates its temperature in this way. Better keep it running!

How to recognize antiperspirant despite greenwashing?

1- Read the label and locate aluminum (alum)
2- Lasts longer than 24 hours

A deodorant cannot contain aluminum salts because it only prevents the proliferation of bacteria, responsible for bad odors. So it is possible and normal to sweat but you don't have to smell bad. Other natural tips exist to enhance its effectiveness!

In my opinion, the best deodorant remains the one that is natural, without containing alcohol (irritating and drying) and that lasts throughout the day. Let's be gentle with our armpits, this part of the body that we often neglect!

Tell me in the comments if you are considerate when buying your deodorant? Please share this article to help others.
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