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  • Why adopt natural cosmetics?

    October 01, 2019

    Pourquoi adopter les cosmétiques naturels ? - Dado Cosmetics

    “I use many products that I pay quite a high price for but the results are never there"

    I hear this phrase from many customers who spend a fortune every year on beauty products and are disappointed with the results. Conventional cosmetics from big and small brands that promise them healthy-looking skin yet don't solve their problems. Worse, treatments with an endless list of dubious ingredients including the famous endocrine disruptors. So, in the end, they pay to be poisoned? It's still insane! In this article, I share shocking thoughts on how to take the plunge towards natural cosmetics.


    What I hear: "Natural cosmetics are too expensive"

    Price is always subjective because what is expensive for you is not for another person. But beyond that, are you willing to buy shitty skincare because you don't have the money? Really? Are you sure it's a question of money or priorities? It's not the same thing. You go to a store and rush to the cheapest one because it's cheaper. The question is why is it cheaper? What are these components that make it so inexpensive? Water, paraffin and other petroleum derivatives sprinkled with endocrine disruptors? Well, I dare say that the price you pay here is even more expensive!

    At a given moment, how much self-esteem do you have for not choosing better quality care? The price should never be the only thing to look at but rather the value for money, the benefits on your long term health.

    Because the day you trigger an allergy, a skin problem or even an illness, how much do you estimate YOUR health, your well-being? The day you have a problem, you will be forced to consult specialists. And imagine that they are more expensive than a general practitioner!

    But beware, it's not because it's expensive that it's good but there is a balance to be found and it's up to you to do so. By knowing your values ​​and the companies you support with your money. And above all, by looking at the list of ingredients. If it's too complicated, you don't buy. Simple.

    Of course you may be shocked by my words and that's my goal! I'm so sorry to see all these women suffering with skin problems that could be avoided.

    Now that that's settled, let's move on.


    I could tell you that you have to take it little by little, but the truth is that you have to make ONE decision. And it takes 2 seconds. As simple as that. You decide or you choose not to apply any more conventional treatments that harm your health and that of your family. BAR POINT.

    Then we go little by little. Before making your next purchase, you think about the type of store before going to place your order online. This increases your chances of finding more respectful products.

    For my part, I chose to use vegetable oils. Why? Why not? After all, it's more natural than a cream! In the sense that we do not find moisturizers in nature. It's silly but it's true. We are so conditioned to moisturizer, anti-wrinkle cream,... that we don't automatically think of an alternative . Me, I no longer use creams because the active ingredients are often drowned in a pool of uninteresting ingredients. Do you have any idea of ​​the percentage of water contained in a cream? 20% - 40%?


    It can reach 90% of the weight of the treatment. Mind-blowing, you would agree. And it is valid for the organic because often, there are only 20% of the ingredients which are organic in an organic cream. Did you think 100%? FALSE because water, which is the main element, is never certified organic. Just read about your care, for example: 99% of the ingredients are natural and 21% are from organic farming. Always read the small inscriptions, that's where the most important information is hidden.

    Remember that organic in cosmetics is different from food!

    Why do I choose vegetable oils?

    Because they are pure juice from the seeds of our plants. They are pressed and vegetable oil is obtained.

    So of course, you will find several qualities. The best are those that have been cold pressed with organic seeds. Then there are refined oils. They are extracted but with more or less chemical solvents and it is already less natural! Then there are those that come from conventional agriculture with its share of pesticides. Finally, those that are hydrogenated or esterified (ie, mixed with alcohol).

    But the advantage of vegetable oils is that they do not contain water so there is no need to add controversial or non-controversial preservatives. In addition, they have an affinity with the skin because they come from seeds (the plant is alive like us humans). Our DNAs recognize each other and merge together.

    No water also means care that is more concentrated in active ingredients, so a small amount is enough. So your product is likely to last longer 😉.


    You have to know these little things in order not to be surprised. If you've been using conventional skincare for years and choose to switch to natural skincare, your skin could react. And I mean MIGHT. This will not be the case for everyone. This is the rebound effect.

    Concretely, your old treatments certainly contained silicones whose mission is to cover your skin with an occlusive film. It does not breathe but you have this impression that your skin is hydrated but it is FALSE. Besides, you just have to wash to feel your skin pulling (dry skin will understand me).

    Back on topic. Basically, your skin was not working with these treatments, but when you switch to quality natural treatments and I insist on quality, your skin starts working again. And it can groan. You have to understand her, for years, she's been on vacation and there, you tell her that it has to work. Well, it can turn upside down and you'll notice this with pimples, dry patches, a burning sensation (just make sure you don't have an allergic reaction). But the good news in all of this is that it eventually capitulates after a few days or weeks. I can't tell you how long it will take because we are all different.

    For example, when I switched to natural care for my children, my 5 and a half year old reacted (patch of dryness around his eyes) but not his 3 year old brother. Yet, I used the same care for both.

    You have to trust yourself and give the skin time to detoxify. The cells are renewed every 28 days on average so we wait at least that long to see the first results appear. If they arrive earlier then it's jackpot!


    Following my allergic reaction in April 2016, I became aware of the toxicity of my conventional care. Behind the glamor is a rather ruthless industry that plays with our fears of old age, and the hope of eternal beauty with ingredients that can be harmful to our health.

    I couldn't find treatments that met my requirements and that's how Dado Cosmetics was born. To meet my needs and those of my family. Little by little, the company developed and became known for its results on the skin of my clients. But beyond that, I realize that I have real power through my choices. This is why I choose to work with precious oils from Africa. Not only are their benefits immeasurable but above all, I contribute through my purchases to encourage women's cooperatives in Africa. Indeed, multinationals tend to set their purchase price (unbelievable anyway!) and obviously, this is not to their advantage. They are generations of poor working women.

    Capitalism is not bad in itself but like a knife, how do you use it? To eat or kill? It's the same tool. I choose win-win: my clients have natural, superior quality skincare products whose skin becomes sublime and the women who provide the raw materials are paid at their fair value. I thus create a virtuous circle. It's all about awareness and choice. Create another reality.

    To conclude, this article is a reflection that can shake up but I am not here to judge you. Do not worry. Not so long ago, I swore by my old skincare but I had a realization. You are free to choose what suits you. Sometimes we just don't have the right information or we tend to procrastinate. I learned it the hard way. If health is a priority, you will make the best decision for you.

    I think we all have our share of responsibility on this planet. If the multinationals are able to flood the market with their products that are toxic to human health, it is our responsibility not to consume them. Still the existence of healthy alternatives is necessary!

    Have you made the leap to natural skincare or is this something that's been on your mind? Do you have any reservations?

    Tell me that in the comments!

    See you next week,


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