September 30, 2019 1 min read

1 in 9 women will be statistically affected and 1 in 27 will die from it. With advances in research, timely treatment can reduce the risks.
What are the warning signs?
1- A lump in the breast (not all lumps are cancerous) but it's time for a mammogram.
2- A retraction of the nipple
3- A change in the appearance of the skin
4- A discharge from the nipple
5- An unusual change in size or shape of the breast
It should be noted that screening mammograms are free in designated screening centers (CDD) for women BETWEEN 50 AND 69 years old insured by the Quebec public health insurance plan.
If you are under 50, consult your doctor to choose a better protocol.
As a reminder, Dado Cosmetics is raising funds for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation . For each natural deodorant purchased, $1 is donated for small models and $2 for large models throughout the month of October. 

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