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September 23, 2019 2 min read

Breast cancer.

Do we ever talk about this gnawing evil???
What is that ? These are abnormal cells that grow out of control in the breast or spread through the body through blood or lymph vessels.

According to the figures, one woman in 9 is affected by this disease and one woman in 27 dies from it. It's a mom, a sister, a cousin, an aunt, a neighbor, a friend or a colleague. Sadly, we ALL know real cases around us. This also concerns men (1% of cases) on a smaller scale, but it remains entire families facing an ordeal.

It's sad but beyond this evil, our way of life is now being called into question. Stress, depression, diet and hereditary terrain of course. But also exposure to chemicals and toxic products. The body is often too acidic!

It's a reality that can scare people but keep in mind that we are the masters of our lives. We can make better choices without being dictated by this mad consumer society. Moreover, our habits are also important.

Symptoms such as screening, a diet of fruits and vegetables, less refined sugars, sleeping well, doing a sports activity, taking the time to reconnect with your being and to have gratitude. Love yourself, others and smile, A LOT.

For Dado Cosmetics, women's health is a very important value. We contribute in our own way to the fight against breast cancer. This is why, for the 2nd consecutive year, Dado Cosmetics is raising funds for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. For each natural deodorant purchased, $1 will be donated on the purchase of the small model and $2 on the large model. throughout the month of October.

Thank you for participating in large numbers in order to develop the research. Thank you for sharing this article and helping your sisters.

See you next week,

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