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    October 09, 2020

    Quel deodorant naturel choisir ? - Dado Cosmetics

    We are in October and it is pink. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we're going to be talking about aluminum-free deodorants. You might have a loved one who has suffered from it or is currently suffering from it. Each year, more and more women and younger people are diagnosed with this disease. It is a real suffering for the person as well as his entourage.

    However, 41% of cancers can be prevented by changing our lifestyle according to the National Cancer Institute in 2019. So almost half. That's a big number!

    I will tell you my story. No, I haven't had breast cancer but a few years ago I had painful lumps in my armpits. And in my bathroom, I thought CANCER for the first time. I was scared, I'm a mom. I inquired and discovered that the deodorants with aluminum salt that I was using could cause this disease.

    The role of Deodorants

    When I was younger, I used deodorants. I did not know their impact on health. The only thing that interested me was: 48H EFFICIENCY . I was convinced not to leave my odors especially on intense days.

    But I did not know their composition then after all, it was over the counter.

    How deodorants work?

    Body odors are caused by the breakdown of bacteria. However, ALUMINUM SALTS are powerful antibacterials. So they neutralize odors and block perspiration by closing the pores of the skin.

    Yet sweating is a natural and necessary phenomenon that releases toxins from the body.

    If they are not released, they remain in the body. LOGIC. Now imagine trash cans that you never take out of the house!

    That's how I ended up with these painful lumps in my armpits. My glands were swollen.

    By reading articles, I learned that many women with breast cancer had aluminum in the cells near the breast. Thus, a link with antiperspirants was made.

    What to know about air fresheners

    The manufacturers ensure that the quantity of aluminum salts used in their beauty products does not exceed a certain threshold. So they cannot penetrate the skin and are therefore safe.

    However, certain laboratory studies carried out on behalf of consumer associations indicate that the authorized thresholds are exceeded for certain brands.

    So if the regulatory threshold is exceeded then it crosses the skin and enters the bloodstream. Moreover, it is indicated on the product that it should not be used on injured or shaved skin because at this time, the rate of penetration into the body is greater .

    However, many of us use them despite the brownouts because we are unaware of the dangers.

    What if I told you that the effectiveness of 48H means that you have to wait 48H between 2 applications. That's definitely not what I was doing. I took my daily shower in the winter and it could be twice in the summer.

    I let you imagine my reaction when I learned that the aluminum present in the body was no longer coming out.

    In any case, there will always be debates between experts on their ill-effects on health. I am not a scientist to understand their language. But as a consumer, I have the right to refuse their application in my body. I prefer to play it safe, especially since I'm not alone. I have children.

    This choice does not eliminate my problem, so how do I naturally neutralize my body odor?

    What are natural deodorants?

    You have simple solutions like lemon or baking soda to rub under the armpits.

    There are several natural deodorants on the market with more or less proven effectiveness.

    At Dado Cosmetics, we have chosen a healthy and eco-responsible alternative. Our natural deodorants have a clean composition with noble ingredients such as organic mango butter and sage hydrosol, known to fight against excessive perspiration. A mixture of essential oils and we have an effective beauty product for 24 hours that does not stain clothes.

    And since then, I have never had pimples in my armpits again.

    For the past 3 years, for any purchase during the month of October, we have collected $1 on small aluminum-free deodorant models and $2 on large ones for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. This is our way of contributing to better care for patients and their families.


    Deodorants are cosmetics and their regulation is different from drugs. These are treatments that are so much a part of our daily lives that we no longer take the time to think about their composition. But it is our responsibility to understand what enters our body. Because health is precious. For us, our family and those around us. Our way of life stems from our knowledge in order to make informed decisions.

    Of course, I want to feel comfortable at all times, but not at the cost of my health. Would I have made the choice of antiperspirants if I had known? Certainly not! Healthier alternatives exist and do the job. That's why I created natural deodorants without aluminum. Find them here.

    And what is your choice? Tell us in the comments.

    With love,

    Dado Bathily

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