How to avoid skin irritation caused by a mask?

October 02, 2020

Comment éviter les irritations de la peau à cause du masque ? - Dado Cosmetics

For the past several months, a new trend has appeared: wearing the mask. But its prolonged use causes itching, acne breakouts or eczema. Even women who do not usually have a problem are affected. What are the natural solutions to deal with it?

For those who work, they have to wear the mask for hours except for lunch breaks. Although masks have a protective role to play against the virus, they are a disaster for the skin: irritation on the bridge of the nose, maceration of sweat, clogged pores, appearance of blackheads and pimples. In short, the skin no longer breathes and this consequently creates skin problems.

Dado Cosmetics

Before the condition of your epidermis deteriorates, it is essential to provide appropriate natural care that is free of toxicity

So how do you maintain a radiant complexion despite wearing a mask and the change of season?

"We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit" - Aristotle

This quote is a simple truth but it is THE combination of these 2 good habits that will make the difference in the health of your skin.

Habit #1

Cleansing is THE key habit to develop. Every evening, practice the double cleansing which combines the cleanser with the precious oil of Nigella, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, treatment against acne and improvements in the complexion. Then follow with a cold saponified natural soap . It washes gently without pulling your skin.

The oil rids the skin of its impurities and traces of pollution. While the natural soap removes those stuck in sweat. Your skin is perfectly clean and ready to receive these daily facial treatments.

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Habit #2

Then, once a week, carry out a more in-depth cleansing: an exfoliation and ALWAYS follow it up with a regenerating mask.

For a minimalist routine that will help you regain a radiant complexion, choose a 2-in-1 scrub and mask like MAHONA .

The face scrub purifies and deeply cleanses your epidermis thanks to a unique combination of superfoods, cleansing clays, cocoa organic (renowned for its anti-aging action). They rid the skin of its dead cells to make way for new skin cells and a glowy skin.

Face scrub

Then, the face mask maximizes the cleansing benefits. It brings essential nutrients to the skin thanks to the precious activating oil: Touloucouna. I don't know if you know it but it is a powerful oil that comes only from Casamance in Senegal. It is soothing, regenerating and restorative while reducing tightness. Perfect for deeply nourishing your epidermis. Your complexion is visibly luminous and plumped - Real baby skin from the very first use.

Conclusion : Skin problems are not inevitable, but do not delay in using a simple and effective natural care routine, respectful of your health and these 2 good habits. They will always remain the key to maintaining beautiful skin and a sublime complexion for the months to come.

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October 15, 2020

Merci encore, j’hai hâte d’avoir mon gommage et masque MAHONA.
Effectivement je commence à voir seulement maintenant l’apparition de minuscules boutons sur mon visage. Il est temps de me cajoler avec ces produits qui me font déjà tant de bien. I’m grateful🤗


October 15, 2020

J’ai tellement hâte de l’essayer.

Zab Maboungou
Zab Maboungou

October 15, 2020

Réservez-moi un kit complet nettoyage régulier ET en profondeur/massque regénérant etc…!

Myrbelle Vincent
Myrbelle Vincent

October 07, 2020

Merci pour tes précieux conseils!!

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