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  • DRY SKIN: How to take care of it?

    October 16, 2020

    PEAU SÈCHE : Comment en prendre soin ? - Dado Cosmetics

    Dry skin can be uncomfortable. The complexion gets dull and lacks radiance. In addition, it shoots and scores very easily.

    However, this is not inevitable! You just need to know these few tips and you will find a beautiful and deeply nourished skin.

    What is dry skin?

    Natural dry skin care

    It is characterized by a lack of sebum. Without these fatty substances, the skin barrier cannot play its protective role. As a result, it resists badly to external aggressions. Indeed, as it lacks sebum and has a thin stratum corneum, water escapes very easily! Dehydration makes things even worse.

    However, it is important to differentiate between “dry” skin and “dehydrated” skin. The latter is a lack of water that can affect all types of skin, even oily. It is a transient state which is corrected when the water intake is increased.

    The origins of skin dryness are many:

    • The hereditary factor
    • Hormonal changes
    • An aggressive environment such as snow and cold or heating and air conditioning
    • Age

    How do you know if you have dry skin?

    Dry skin Dado Cosmetics

    To determine if you have dry skin, take the test here:

    Otherwise the characteristics are as follows:

    • Pores are not dilated
    • The dullness of the complexion with this feeling of tightness
    • It peels or cracks easily
    • It is thin and you can see the veins
    • Has fine lines around the eyes and mouth. It scores easily and ages sooner than it should.

    What are the things to avoid for dry skin?

    Omega 3 dado Cosmetics

    Dry skin marks faster because it lacks sebum and loses water more easily. It is therefore essential to avoid what accelerates this process such as dehydrating drinks like alcohol and coffee. Tobacco also plays a negative role.

    Supposedly mild but harsh beauty products for your dry skin. Cleaning with products containing alcohol, for example, or gels containing foaming agents.

    A diet low in omega 3 is detrimental to the beauty of dry skin. Be sure to provide these essential fatty acids in your diet through foods rich in Omega 3 such as salmon, sardines, nuts, etc.

    Then, I talk a lot about the state of mind that affects the beauty of the skin. Lack of sleep and an aggressive environment (climate) adds stress to dry skin.

    Make sure you have restful sleep, sleep at the same time, diffuse essential oils such as lavender or bigarade petitgrain to soothe you, surround yourself with positive people who boost your energy.

    How to care for dry skin?

    Dado Cosmetics natural care

    If you lack sebum, you have to bring in fat and nothing better than vegetable oils (Baobab, sesame, avocado). It is necessary to avoid the evaporation of water by creating a barrier or a hydrolipidic film. Vegetable butters such as shea play this role. Finally, with the current season, it is essential to strengthen the stratum corneum to protect it against external aggressions.

    Your beauty products for dry skin must meet these 3 needs in order to obtain beautiful and deeply nourished skin.

    Here is the procedure to follow:

    • Stop using conventional treatments that are harmful to your skin and make it dependent
    • Gentle cleansing with precious Nigella oil. Avoid micellar waters, foaming gels!
    • An extra-mild natural soap with organic honey that gently washes without that tight feeling
    • A tonic lotion to rebalance the PH of your dry skin
    • A serum with precious Baobab oil that nourishes and repairs. Rich in antioxidants, it delays the signs of aging in dry skin.
    • Once a week, exfoliate your skin with a scrub and a mask like the Mahona treatment with African precious oil. It is even suitable for sensitive skin.
    • Drink water and herbal teas
    MORNING (1 minute)
    1. Tonic lotion
    2. Serum with precious Baobab oil
      EVENING (3 minutes)
      1. Cleansing oil with precious Nigella oil
      2. Extra-mild natural soap with organic honey
      3. Tonic lotion
      4. Serum with precious Baobab oil

      Discover here our beauty routine with precious oils from Africa for dry skin. So you have all the knowledge you need for beautiful, deeply nourished skin this winter. It is essential to start now so as not to be surprised by the sudden change in temperature.

      Be reassured that with natural care it is possible to have dry but sublime and radiant skin. Indeed, the precious oils of Africa have a vitality made possible thanks to solar energy. It's up to you to apply them daily and at the right time.

      With love,

      Dado Bathily

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