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  • Why choose a surgras soap?

    June 11, 2021

    Pourquoi choisir un savon surgras ? - Dado Cosmetics

    Often the purchase of soap is done without thinking too much. The shower gel looks special, so we put it in our cart. Then in the shower, we apply it even on the face.

    Some of these actions are fatal for the beauty and protection of the skin. In this article, I explain why the body cleanser/soap purchase must be strategic for beautiful, soft and healthy skin.

    Why do I have crocodile skin?


    Conventional bar soaps and shower gels contain foaming agents that strip and irritate the skin. Let me tell you: these are the same agents that are used to wash industrial floors. It's really very aggressive. The skin becomes dehydrated, dry and lacks suppleness. This may explain why some feel the urgent need to cream their skin when they get out of the shower.

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    Then, on the skin, we all have a hydrolipidic film which forms a barrier with the outside and protects us from bacteria and pollution. But the regular use of classic soaps with hard and calcareous water alters this barrier and the skin is sorely lacking in protection. It is more fragile and now itching, pimples or dull and sensitive skin may appear.

    Soap is used to clean our skin. I do not teach you anything. However, it washes our most important organ, the skin which weighs between 3 and 5 kilos in a woman. You realize! Therefore, what you apply to it should be chosen carefully.


    Why did I decide to create surgras soaps for the body and face?

    To be honest, I was a fan of shower gels. They smelled so good and I loved the idea of ​​lather on the skin. It was a fun time! Then I admit that with shower gels, the bathtub was easier to clean.

    Except that…

    After my allergic reaction in 2016, I changed all my body care and learned that bar soaps were better for the skin than shower gels. So I started buying the famous Marseille soap, the only type of soap I knew at the time. But after using it, my skin felt so tight after showering. I was really not satisfied.

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    So I discussed it with Déborah, my soap maker. She explained to me that it was made for washing clothes. Thus, I understand better why my skin was so dry.

    That's why I asked him to create 100% natural and surgras soaps to "hydrate" the body. It has made all the difference on my skin! My skin feels clean but above all, I no longer have this urgent need to apply body butter.

    Why surgras soap is better for the beauty of your skin?

    surgras soap

    First, how do you get soap? By the following formula:

    vegetable oils + soda = soap + glycerin

    The manufacturing method is called: cold saponification. What does that mean ? Quite simply that the vegetable oils have not been heated in order to preserve as much of their properties as possible, unlike most conventional soaps. Thus, the moisturizing, protective properties of the soap are better preserved.

    The soap is said to be surgras because it is particularly enriched in fatty agents (between 5 and 8%). In addition, all the glycerin which is the noble and moisturizing part of the soap is preserved unlike industrial soaps. Indeed, this part is often removed because it clogs industrial machines. But above all, the big brands resell it at a very high price or add value to it by introducing it into the formula of their moisturizing creams.

    This is why our surgras soaps gently cleanse the skin and leave a protective film on the skin. They contain no irritants and are handmade in moulds. You no longer have that feeling of tight skin, that urgent urge to cream yourself. On the contrary, the skin is comfortable right out of the shower. Even at the level of the foam, you realize that it is smoother and creamier. The feeling and the experience is just not the same!

    Then, this manufacturing method is much more respectful of the environment. In our superfatted soaps , we do not use animal fat such as lanolin, unlike industrial superfatted soaps from major brands sold in pharmacies or grocery stores. For nature lovers, our soap is zero waste compared to plastic bottles of shower gels. It is a biodegradable treatment that does not leave traces in the rinsing water unlike industrial products.

    Finally, our surgras soaps do not contain palm oil, which is used to harden the soap. Indeed, its extraction destroys an entire ecosystem. As animals lose their habitat, they are subject to extinction. It's all a disruption of the food chain and Dado Cosmetics refuses to participate in this.

    Our natural and surgras soaps dry at least 4 weeks before being shipped. The longer the drying time, the better the soap. It's like fine wine, it gets better with time!

    To extend the life of your soap, let it dry between two uses on a perforated soap dish. Do not leave it in the shower after use. With these few tips, your soap will last longer.

    Good to know

    Never use a shower gel to wash the face. What works for the body doesn't always work on the face unless indicated. The skin of the face is more fragile.

    Surgras soap can be used throughout the year and for all members of the family. It is a real treatment. It does not contain any chemical agent that may dry out or attack the skin.

    Our surgras orange soap gently cleanses the skin of both young and old. With its fruity scent, it is pleasant to use in the morning in the shower.

    The one with pink Himalayan salt helps heal small imperfections.

    As for charcoal, it is intended only for skin with imperfections. It is very powerful to purify and detoxify.

    To conclude, the choice of a soap is more important than you think. With industrial soaps, we put toxic agents into our bloodstream. It is not good for our health or that of our family.

    Surgras soap is a real treatment that protects our largest organ: the skin. Always choose care that respects your skin and see the difference. A quality soap is a real experience. Beautiful skin always starts with good cleansing.

    Tell us if this article helped you make your soap purchase better?

    Take care of yourself!

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    July 13, 2021

    Je vais les essayer! Merci Dado pour toutes ces infos précieuses.

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