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You were all excited to start your new 100% natural beauty routine . You have just received your order and you are eager to use them. But after a few days, you are disappointed because you do not get the expected results. Your skin tone is uneven or worse pimples have appeared. But what happened? Follow this guide!

First, congratulations on the switch to Precious Oils from Africa. It's really a milestone because it takes openness and a taste for adventure when switching to a beauty routine without moisturizer.

Now I have a question: how long have you been using conventional, i.e. non-natural skincare?

10 years, 20 years, 40 years or more.

During all these years, your skin has become accustomed to these products. USED TO THEM.

So when you decide to switch to natural skincare, it's your head that decides. Not your body, nor your cells. They don't understand what is happening. That's why, you will go through one of these reactions:

1- Your skin refuses and rebels!

You did everything for your teenager and suddenly you asked him to help with the chores of the house. As a parent, you responded to his every wish without asking him to help. Then, one day, you are fed up and impose on him to do several tasks. As a good self-respecting teenager, he REFUSES!

Your skin is like that teenager.

By feeding it with conventional and often toxic skincare, your skin didn't need to work. But with the use of precious oils from Africa, it has to get moving.

How does it react?

Through pimples, patches of dryness or by heating up.

But the good news is that it is temporary just like adolescence. Phew.

The key word: PATIENCE. And above all, don't give up and return to your old toxic treatments. You have already taken a big step!

(It can take 2 to 3 weeks on average but for some people it will be several months. Indeed, several factors come into play such as your diet, your state of mind, the quality of your sleep, your environment, your genetics… )

2- Your skin has plays a bad trick on you

For a few weeks of use, your skin sublimates and you are happy. So happy to have finally found natural care that works and beautifies your complexion.

Then one morning, disaster strikes. You don't understand why your skin isn't as beautiful anymore. It may even have pimples...

You are disappointed.

Here too, it's like your teenager pretending to obey you and then after a while, he gets fed up and rebels.

Your skin didn't understand the change in beauty routine. It's the same process as above but shifted.

But now you know that you have to persevere and above all not give up.

After a few days, things should be back to normal. Your complexion will improve again.

3- Your skin immediately sublimates

You start your beauty routine and immediately, your skin is sublime. As if you fulfilled all its needs hahaha. It's delighted and gives it back to you by lighting up. Your skin becomes soft, beautiful and luminous.

You are left with a beautiful relationship of love with your 100% natural care.

The change that everyone hopes for deep down, but it is not automatic. So, nobody and I mean nobody can guarantee it!

To conclude, changing your beauty routine is a process that takes time. The cells take at least 28 days to renew themselves. That's why we created our 1 month beauty kits so that you get an idea of ​​the experience of the precious oils of Africa. But this remains a starting point.

Years of toxic treatments take time for the body to eliminate. Have you thought about accompanying your transition to natural care with a detox cure such as fasting or a healthier diet?

Tell us in the comments !

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August 23, 2021

Merci pour les conseils ! J’en avais vraiment besoin ! Quand on ne sait pas prendre soin de sa peau, c’est compliqué d’avoir le résultat recherché ! Merciii 🙏


June 03, 2021

Merci pour ces conseils Dado 💕

Tu as raison de dire que notre corps se rebelle quand il n’a pas l’habitude.
C’est comme dans tout: quand une routine s’installe, ça doit etre avec douceur et amour. Le corps suivra ce que l’esprit décide.


June 03, 2021

Merci pour cette lecture ça m’a ouvert les yeux je comprends mieux maintenant merci

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