Why choose an aluminum-free deodorant?

August 12, 2022

Pourquoi choisir un déodorant sans aluminium ? - Dado Cosmetics

Why choose an aluminum-free deodorant?

A simple fact, humans have sweat glands located under the skin and which secrete sweat. Sweating is vital but sweat, as it degrades, produces bad odors in the armpits.

To hide them, we are looking for effective deodorants that camouflage them in order to be confident.

But are we aware that some of these body care products contain questionable ingredients for health?

Why should aluminum salts in deodorants be avoided?

To be more fair, aluminum salts are present only in antiperspirants and not in deodorants.

This is an abuse of language!

Aluminum salts reduce skin pores by blocking perspiration. No perspiration therefore, no sweat which degrades by causing bad odors to appear.

Yet sweating is natural and necessary to regulate body temperature.

And, blocking it can lead to inflammation in the armpits, and in some cases, cause eczema.

Personally, I ended up with a big lump full of impurities under my right armpit. It was really very painful!

Have you ever experienced this kind of phenomenon?

A few years ago, research was done on women with breast cancer. A significant amount of aluminum salts were detected near the armpits. This is how the suspicion with the antiperspirants was carried out.

Indeed, they tend to cross the skin and to be stored in the body (they no longer come out). This is why you can read in the user manual that antiperspirants are not recommended on injured or shaved skin. Because microcuts lead to faster penetration of aluminum salts into the body.

Finally, when 48H, 72H or even 96H effectiveness is indicated, this implies the waiting period between 2 uses. So, if in the heat, you apply it on Monday, you should wait 48 hours before using it again. Otherwise, it's overloading your body unnecessarily with heavy metals.

Why choose a natural deodorant?

Because conventional deodorants that are easily found in grocery stores or stores may also contain questionable ingredients such as EDTA, BHT and BHA. They are endocrine disruptors that disrupt the functioning of hormones with an impact on fertility, diabetes, hypertension, growth... Some ingredients are very polluting, therefore with a negative impact on the environment.

Moreover, the greats of the cosmetics industry do not hesitate to deceive us by highlighting on the packaging:

Paraben free

Without aluminum salts


To lure the customer and make him buy without thinking. This is the very principle of greenwashing: "The art of passing off dirty products as clean".

But they "forget" to indicate what other ingredients they are replaced with. Often it is worse! It is therefore essential as a consumer to know what is applied in your body.

With the adverse health effects of these conventional antiperspirants and deodorants, it is wiser to turn to 100% natural and effective deodorants without aluminum salts and other questionable ingredients.

Even if a few years ago, natural treatments were known not to be as effective as conventional treatments, marketing effect or reality, today they have nothing to envy to their congeners.

The operation of natural deodorant is completely different because it lets the skin sweat. Often, it contains a cocktail of bactericidal and fungicidal essential oils such as palmarosa or peppermint to effectively combat bad odors.

You can discover our 100% natural deodorants up to 300 applications HERE

100% natural and vegan deodorant

Natural ingredients such as sage hydrosol, a powerful antiperspirant that regulates perspiration or arrowroot powder that absorbs moisture and leaves a silky effect on the skin of the armpits.

For people whose body odors are strong, there are simple and effective solutions such as making a cure of organic white sage herbal tea, favoring clothes made of natural fibers (preferably linen, cotton, silk, wool) and avoid synthetic fibers such as polyester, shave your hair, and wash regularly with a natural and surgras soap .

100% natural deodorants are effective with quality ingredients and help fight against bad odors throughout the day. Finally, the most important thing is that there is a real natural alternative to take care of yourself and be confident in all circumstances.

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