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  • 6 ingredients to look for in a natural soap

    July 27, 2022

    6 ingrédients à rechercher dans un savon naturel - Dado Cosmetics

    6 ingredients to look for in a natural soap

    Natural soap is a real skincare treatment that comes into direct contact with the skin, your largest organ. Its softness and creamy foam are made for a moment of pure pleasure. But do you know the ingredients to favor so as not to poison yourself?

    Why should industrial soaps be avoided?

    Industrial soaps have a uniform shape and color but their composition is not always clean. In addition to irritating, being allergenic, and drying out the skin, certain toxic ingredients like endocrine disruptors pass into your bloodstream. This poses a danger to your health!

    So now is the time to opt for 100% natural soaps that bring undeniable benefits to the quality of your skin while meeting its needs.

    Here are 6 ingredients to look for when buying a natural soap

    To nourish the skin

    1- Olive oil

      It is an excellent vegetable oil to regulate the level of "bad cholesterol" or to reduce the risk of heart attack or diabetes. But its properties go far beyond the kitchen.

      Did you know that olive oil was used by the Egyptians over 5000 years ago? It even served as the basis for the creation of the first soap.
      It is used in soap for its phytoserol active ingredients which offer it actions:

      • Healing
      • restorative
      • Inflammation reducer

      Its richness in vitamins A, D, E, and K and in antioxidants prevent the signs of aging. It also has an antibacterial effect, which allows for better healing of wounds.

      In addition, it is an oil well-tolerated by even sensitive skin. Its moisturizing properties prevent water loss.

      To guarantee maximum benefits on the skin, choose soaps formulated with extra-virgin, cold-pressed, and organic olive oil as in our entire collection of 100% natural soaps.

      2- Coconut oil

      Organic coconut oil is an alternative to industrial palm oil (destruction of an entire ecosystem in Malaysia ) to harden soap thanks to its richness in lauric acid. In addition, it makes it possible to obtain soaps with a creamy and nourishing foam, which reduces skin dehydration.

      Its richness in vitamin A allows it to reduce the harmful effects of dangerous free radicals on the skin. Vitamin E helps reduce the signs of skin aging.

      3- Honey

      Honey, also called the "nectar of the Gods" retains its benefits better when it is organic and unpasteurized. It provides deep suppleness and elasticity to the skin. In addition, it offers a radiant complexion while reducing wrinkles and fine lines of dry skin.

      Honey is also known to accelerate skin healing. Its antibacterial action rids the epidermis of its impurities. Its softening treatment on the skin soothes skin prone to itching and redness.

      If you have dry skin, discover the Dela soap, it works wonders on the face without drying it out.

      To purify the skin

      4- Clays

      green clay purifying soap

      Clays are part of the wonders of nature. They come in many colors and each has specific properties. By letting them dry in the sun, their virtues are better preserved.

      Green illite clay is the most absorbent clay. It is particularly suitable for oily and blemished skin to reduce excess sebum and impurities.

      Its richness in mineral salts and trace elements remineralizes the skin. Oily skin is thus purified, soothed, and repaired.

      Pink clay, on the other hand, comes from a mixture of red and white clays. Like all clay, it is rich in trace elements and purifies the skin. Its particularity is to be adapted to sensitive and/or dry skin in order to bring it radiance and softness!

      5- Activated carbon

      Purifying Charcoal

      Activated charcoal is the miracle ingredient for skin with imperfections thanks to its extraordinary absorption capacity to eliminate environmental pollutants (pollution, tobacco, etc.), impurities, and bacteria responsible for certain infections such as staphylococci.

      Excess sebum and toxins are eliminated. The activated charcoal soap brings a boost of radiance and evens out the complexion of oily and blemished skin.

      6- Himalayan pink salt

      natural soap with pink himalayan salt

      Pink Himalayan salt owes its color to the iron oxides that compose it. Its formation dates back more than 500 million years (when the oceans covered most of the Earth).

      A natural soap, it moisturizes, nourishes, and promotes detoxification and wounds healing. It also eliminates bacteria that are the cause of bad odors.

      Discover our full range of natural and surgras soaps HERE to save time and above all peace of mind.

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