Mahona 2-in-1 scrub and mask


This scrub and face mask combined with precious Touloucouna oil illuminates, smoothes and purifies all skin types from the 1st application.

Each week, renew your skin with this unique formula of clays, fruit/vegetable powders and superfoods by removing dead cells and impurities.

Result, the skin of the face is soft like a baby. It is truly soothed, repaired, regenerated, thus delaying the visible signs of aging.

Without abrasive grain, Mahona with its gourmet chocolate scent, performs an intense and deep cleaning to get rid of:

  • blackheads
  • brown spots
  • dead cells
  • lack of uniformity
  • dull and lackluster complexion
  • patches of drought
  • uneven skin texture

100% natural - Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

  • Luminous, sublimated and luscious skin
  • Deeply cleansed skin
  • Tightened pores, refined skin texture
  • Deeply nourished skin
  • Soothed skin (irritation and redness)
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Soft, smooth and radiant skin

1 to 2 times a week.

1 non-metallic spoonful of Mahona powder
2 pipettes of activating precious oil
2-3 pipettes of Mahona lotion

In a wooden or porcelain bowl, mix all the ingredients until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste. Divide the dough into 2.

  • Exfoliate the face : Leave half of the preparation on for 5 - 10 minutes. When it begins to dry, massage gently while exfoliating. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Feed with the mask : Rest the rest of the preparation for 10 - 15 minutes. Rinse again with lukewarm water.

Precaution : Use the preparation immediately because it does not keep. Do not put around the eyes. Always do a skin test in the bend of the elbow and wait 48 hours. In the event of a reaction, contact a doctor and no longer apply the product.

Mahona powder: 50g Mahona activating oil: 30 ml Mahona Lotion: 30ml

About 15 uses

    Mode D'emploi

    Ingrédients Clé

    Bolus alba (kaolin), sapindus mukorossi powder (reetha/ritha), theobroma cacao* (cacao/cocoa), musa paradisiana fruit extract (banane/banana), moroccan lava clay (rhassoul)/ oryza sativa (riz/rice), althaea officinalis (guimauve/ marshmallow), sodium betonite (bentonite), daucus carota (Carotte/carrot), avena sativa (avoine/oat), urcuma longa (curcuma/tumeric), charcoal (charbon), cucumis sativus (concombre/ cucumber), hibiscus sabdariffa* (hibiscus), black lava ses salt (sel de mer de lave volcanique noir/ hawaiian black lava sea salt), spirulina algae (spiruline/spirulina), matricaria recutita (camomille allemande/german chamomile)
    Carapa procera seed oil (Touloucouna), saveur naturelle de chocolat dans de l'huile végétale* (vegetable oil and fragrances)

    Daucus carota water* (carrot/carotte) 

    *issus de l'agriculture biologique 

    100% d'origine naturelle et végétale.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mahona 2-in-1 scrub and mask

    Dans ce cas-là, ne pas hésiter à rajouter de la lotion Mahona jusqu’à obtenir une pâte lisse et facile à appliquer.
    Dans ce cas-là, il suffit de rajouter un peu de poudre Mahona jusqu’à obtenir la substance désirée.
    Oui, il est possible d’acheter individuellement soit la poudre Mahona soit la lotion et l’huile Mahona.
    Oui, il est préférable de laver son visage avec l’huile nettoyante et le savon correspondant à votre type de peau.
    Oui, il convient aux peaux sensibles car il ne contient pas de grains abrasifs. Juste réduire le temps de pause à 5 minutes pour chaque étape.
    Le matin, si vous avez désiré un coup d’éclat ou si vous avez la peau grasse. Le soir, pour les autres types de peau.