Dry brush

Handmade in Quebec, this high quality dry brush with vegetable fibers from Tampico makes your skin smooth and soft. It removes dead cells from the body, drains toxins and stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the skin is firmer and more toned, especially on cellulite and stretch marks.

It is suitable for all skin types except if it is damaged, injured or sick (psoriasis, eczema).

In the attack phase, you perform it every day, for 4 to 5 minutes to feel the benefits. Then you go to twice a week. Finally, for maintenance, once a week is more than enough.

You have to be gentle so as not to attack the skin, especially if it's your first time. At first the epidermis may not be accustomed to it, so do not press too hard on the brush. As you brush, you will find the ideal pressure suitable for your skin.

Your brush is of high quality with vegetable fibers from Tampico, handmade in Quebec.

  • Unclog pores leaving it softer and smoother.
  • The friction of the brush on the skin allows better oxygenation of the tissues.
  • Drains toxins through the open pores of the skin.
  • Massage stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system.
  • Be an ally against cellulite (in the thighs, stomach, buttocks, saddlebags, etc.).
  • Improves the penetration of your cosmetics because you will have eliminated dead cells.

To learn more, please read this explanatory article

  • In the morning, before starting the day and to wake up your body. In the evening, conversely, dry brushing allows you to loosen up and relax. In winter, brushing warms the body, especially when you are cold in the hands and feet.
  • When doing a detox, dry brushing eliminates more waste. By circulating better, the lymph will drain both toxins and body residues.
  • Before a sports activity, you can perform this technique to warm up your muscles, and after training to fight against muscle fatigue and limit aches.
  1. Start with the feet, below, above, then go up along the legs by making small circles to the top of the thighs.
  2. Rub your hands and arms up to your armpits, before focusing on your back (a long stick can be helpful, or help) and buttocks.
  3. Go to the belly and touch yourself delicately, then the chest and the neck.
  4. Rinse after brushing! Go in the shower to rinse off with water

Every week, you brush it with your hands, a toothbrush or a hairbrush that you designate only for this purpose.

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