4-Step Effective Skincare Routine for Black Skin

October 05, 2019

Routine beauté 4 soins pour la peau noire - Dado Cosmetics

A luminous complexion in any season is the dream of many women. However, the cold climate and the wind can become obstacles if you do not have the right beauty routine or the right products. Worse, not performing certain treatments results in a dull and gray complexion.

Let's see how dark skin regains its radiance in 3 steps.

Step 1 - How to remove dead skin cells?

Every day, your skin accumulates dead cells. It's a natural process, but if you don't remove them, they ruin your appearance and cause a gray, dull complexion.

You might have this dullness because you don't exfoliate. Every week, it is essential to free the skin of these dead cells and obtain a radiant complexion with brand new skin.

How to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells ?

Choose a gentle, non-abrasive scrub to avoid scarring black skin. Otherwise, you risk creating spots of hyperpigmentation. Try a scrub like the Mahona 2-in-1 scrub and mask with precious oil from Touloucouna (Senegal).

It deeply cleanses your skin, reduces dark spots and brings radiance to the complexion. Its cleansing clays and superfoods eliminate dead cells and dull complexion. The results are visible from the very first use.

Step 2 - Look for a soothing mask

After an exfoliation or a scrub, the skin must be soothed, repaired and healed with a mask. It deeply nourishes the skin by regenerating the cells.

It's the extra trick to reinforce your daily beauty routine. The Mahona treatment is a 2-in-1 treatment. So you can use it for this function and save your time.

Step 3 - The right beauty routine for your skin type


Do you have oily skin that shines and has imperfections (pimples, pigment spots, acne scars)?

The Nour routine is ideal for mattifying black skin. Its formula with precious oils from Africa purifies, soothes and unifies the complexion. It is bursting with health without a greasy effect. It is magic.


Your combination skin has imperfections on the T zone and is drier on the rest of the face. It's not easy to find a cream that balances your complexion. But since having combination skin is natural, nature has a perfect solution.

We have formulated the Awa routine to even out and balance combination skin. Imperfections are reduced thanks to the precious oils of Hibiscus and Nigella. Rediscover all your radiance with these 100% natural treatments.


Dry skin suffers from discomfort and produces even more dead cells. It lacks elasticity, suppleness.

It is the precious Baobab oil from the Dela routine that will effectively relieve dry skin. Its richness in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids makes it a perfect treatment to sublimate the skin. Moreover, it is one of the finest oils in the world with a strong penetrating power. It will deeply nourish your skin without greasy effect. As a result, the skin is luminous, comfortable and supple.

Not sure you know your skin type? Take the quiz in 2 minutes.

Now that you know the beauty routine to take care of your skin type, it is obvious that it takes time for your skin to adapt.

With daily use and the Mahona treatment, you will see the transformation of your skin.

Take care of yourself.

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