Skincare Tips to Reduce your First wrinkles

October 05, 2019

Premières rides: Voici la routine beauté pour réduire leur apparence - Dado Cosmetics

Here you are in front of the mirror and yes, you can clearly see your first ever wrinkles. Even without smiling, they are there. Of course you appreciate them because they mark your wisdom. Moreover, it is out of the question to go through cosmetic surgery but you are looking for natural treatments that delay these signs in order to give you time to get used to them.

You know that rich anti-wrinkle creams certainly have active ingredients but are drowned in a pool of more or less controversial ingredients. No, you are looking for natural but effective care. Nature has powers that no cream can match.

Our proposal will go against what we hear everywhere. We're not going to talk about wrinkle creams because they don't work! Just see celebrities touting a cream but resorting to botox! Our proposal is vegetable oils, but not just any. Precious oils that come from Africa such as Baobab or Hibiscus. This continent benefits from unparalleled solar energy. The soils are so fertile that the vegetation is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Adopt natural treatments based on precious oils from Africa to naturally reduce the appearance of your first wrinkles and regain luminous, flawless skin.

What are the steps of this beauty routine ?

Morning routine (2 minutes)

  1. Wash with tap water or mineral water
  2. Toning with the tonic lotion
  3. Hydrate/nourish with a serum with precious oil from Africa

Evening routine (4 minutes or more)

  1. Remove make-up/cleanse the skin with make-up remover oil
  2. Soap with a cold saponified face soap
  3. Toning with the tonic lotion
  4. Hydrate/nourish with a serum with precious oil from Africa

There is a routine for each skin type (dry, combination and oily).

Dela dry skin routine

Dry skin is more marked because it lacks hydration. The Dela serum is powerful because it contains precious Baobab oil, one of the finest oils in the world. It quickly penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film. Its richness in vitamin E makes it a powerful antioxidant. An ideal treatment to delay the first signs of ageing.

Awa combination skin routine

Formulated specifically for combination skin, it is the precious oils of Hibiscus and Jojoba that balance sebum. Hibiscus is very rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that naturally delays the signs of aging. Oily areas are mattified and dry areas are hydrated. Your complexion is truly illuminated and evened out without leaving a greasy film.

Nour oily skin routine

Indeed, oily skin marks less easily than dry skin. But did you know that some pure oils have the power to truly mattify oily skin without leaving a greasy film. Thanks to the combination of the precious oils of Watermelon, Nigella, Moringa, your complexion is illuminated, excess sebum is regulated and the complexion gets more even. Small imperfections fade away.

All Dado Cosmetics treatments have a minimalist composition, without preservatives. Being formulated without water, our serums are highly concentrated in active ingredients. A small amount is enough to get results. The treatments are applied with massage, by hand in order to reconnect with your ineer being (no need for cotton). It also improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Aging is a natural process that can be accompanied with cosmetic treatments such as precious oils from Africa that come from women's cooperatives in Senegal. Care for women created by women with soft and feminine scents, textures very pleasant to the touch. Live a wonderful sensory experience!

And above all, don't forget to put on a smile!

Take care of yourself !

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