[MIXED SKIN]: What is combination skin and how to balance it naturally?

November 19, 2019

[ PEAU MIXTE ] : Qu’est-ce qu’une peau mixte et comment l’embellir naturellement ? - Dado Cosmetics

Combination skin is the most common skin type. It presents an imbalance because there is an excess of sebum on the famous T-zone (forehead - nose - chin) while the cheeks and temples are dry - a real headache for women in order to find natural balancing care and to have beautiful unified skin. Follow the guide to get rid of this headache once and for all.

Does your combination skin really need a moisturizer?

I have a little thought for you. Have you felt a difference since you have been using your special combination skin cream? I'm talking about the WOW effect! Or have you kept on changing creams because you are never completely satisfied? And yes, having combination skin is not so much the problem as using inappropriate care! 

Personally, I am against the cream, whether natural or organic. It's my personal choice. If you've been following me for a while, you know that. 

Let me explain why:
A cream is always a mixture of water, fat and an emulsifier to hold the 2 together. Often, in organic or non-organic creams, water is the main ingredient. Then come the more or less natural active ingredients in greater or lesser proportions depending on the brand you choose.
But above all, the use of water necessarily involves the addition of preservatives. And that's the rub. Some of these preservatives are potentially carcinogenic. These endocrine disruptors mimic your hormones and send mixed messages to your organs. It's like asking your body to go to Montreal and Paris at the same time. We agree that there may be a serious problem 🤦🏽 ♀️.

During my transition to natural skincare, I discovered that vegetable oils don't need preservatives because they don't contain water. And all of a sudden, we avoid all these more or less controversial ingredients. Because we must not forget that our skin is our largest organ. Between 3 and 5 kilos! And that it absorbs nearly 60% of what is applied to it. So, even if you cannot control the outside world and its lot of pollution, you can decide what you apply to your body.

Few beauty myths to break...

I find there are so many misconceptions surrounding beauty that it's heartbreaking . One of them being that only creams are essential to moisturize the skin. As if more effective alternatives did not exist. Where do these beliefs come from?
But the best way to hydrate your body is to drink water, vegetable broths and eat vegetables. We thus bring 2 to 4 liters of water to the body according to our age, its physical activities, etc...
Do you believe that a simple dab of cream can hydrate your body, which contains nearly 60% of its weight in water ? Let's take the example of a 60 kg woman. Her body would contain about 36 liters of water! In my opinion, 36 LITERS is no match for the dab of cream.
What we are sold is rather a sensation. Moreover, it is written on the packaging “hydrates the upper layers of the epidermis”. So it's not a hydration of the deep layers of the skin.

How does it work ?

A conventional moisturizer with silicones, for example, provides this sensation of hydration because the silicones form an occlusive film. As a result, water cannot evaporate from the skin.
Silicones are not dangerous to health according to the most established studies. However, recent and more targeted studies have revealed that Cyclotetrasiloxane or D4, again, could be carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction. Cyclopentasiloxane (sometimes called D5) is also controversial. Since January 10, 2018, European Regulation 2018/25 limits the concentration of these two silicones in rinse-off cosmetics to 0.1% of the product. But the measure will apply concretely on February 1, 2020. As for the very widespread cosmetic ingredient "dimethicone" (a linear silicone), it is suspected of being an endocrine disruptor.
In truth, the consequences of many silicones on our health are still unknown, because of the lack of research. To know more

Are the proposed solutions satisfactory?

With combination skin, it is difficult to find mattifying and moisturizing power in a cream. One of the solutions offered is to buy two creams: one for dry skin and the other for oily skin. Same for the foundation: a liquid to moisturize and a mattifying powder.
What I perceive here is that its just a trick to make you buy even more cosmetic treatments. Because it's frankly not practical to juggle like this 🤷🏽 
At some point, you have to take the bull by the horns and take the time to think about your health. I'm for buying skincare that meets your needs. We all want beautiful, healthy skin. It's the nature of the trade but what I disapprove is that some treatments offered are simply not effective by their nature or are even dangerous to our health.
Because it is no longer acceptable for a woman to apply treatments to her body whose ingredients she does not understand and which do not give the expected results. If you respect yourself, you must take care of this!
So I know we live in a polluted environment. But I repeat, if you can't control your outer environment, you can control your inner world. Thanks to YOUR CHOICES .
It starts with your cosmetic care and your diet, but I won't go into the details of the latter here.
I think that alternatives to creams exist but they are not highlighted enough.

Why do I believe in the powers of vegetable oils?
Vegetable oils come from plants and come from the world of the living like us human beings. Our DNAs recognize each other.
One of the roles of the plants is to reproduce. Again, just like us human beings.
To reproduce, it reinforces its genetic heritage through its seeds by growing in a more or less hostile environment.
But where do vegetable oils come from? Pure juice from these same seeds.
Do you now understand the benefits of vegetable oils? They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A concentrate of 100% natural active ingredients.

At Dado Cosmetics, we source our precious oils from women's cooperatives in Africa. The sun, the richness and the fertility of the soil are well established. Just imagine the benefits our precious oils have on your skin. Thanks to very short formulas, our treatments (no added water) are concentrated in 100% natural active ingredients and allow us to favor quality over quantity. Precious oils from Africa are exceptional treatments without any greasy effect. Discover in this article, the one specific to combination skin: Hibiscus .

Hibiscus is a small shrub from Senegal. Its dried flowers are consumed in food and beverages. Its richness also comes from its seeds:

  • Exceptional vitamin E content
  • Soft and penetrating touch
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Fluid oil that penetrates quickly
  • Powerful natural antioxidant that fights cell damage caused by free radicals, UV rays
  • Improves microcirculation, fights the effects of UV rays
  • Softening, it restores elasticity and comfort to the skin
  • Thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and phytosterols, it helps restore the natural hydrolipidic film

Find the precious serum in your Awa routine to truly balance your combination skin.

How to naturally balance your combination skin?

I want to say: by asking it what it wants, your skin and not you!
In magazines, they advise scrubs and masks 2-3 times a week. But does it correspond to the expectations of your skin?
I am one of those who advocates using natural care, ALWAYS because when they are of high quality, they are very effective. Then you have to observe yourself because no magazine can know the season in which your life is and this greatly influences your hormones and therefore your skin.
Are you in the spring with a renewal in your personal and/or professional life? Or is it the winter when you have some work done on you? Important decisions to make.
You are in the best position to know!

In conclusion, I hope this article dispels some misconceptions. Combination skin is balanced by offering it natural care that meets its needs, such as precious hibiscus oil. No need to overdo it. Just feed it properly, be well in your head, adopt a healthy lifestyle and your skin will light up! Precious oils from Africa are treatments in their own right to beautify your combination skin without making it oily.

If you found this article relevant, thank you in advance for sharing your experience in the comments!
See you next week.


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July 13, 2021

Cet article m’a mis une claque: c’est super intéressant les infos données sur les crèmes. Je vais me renseigner dessus un peu plus.
Merci Dado!

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