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Putting on slippers is part of our daily lives but cuts our contact with the good old Mother Earth. Well, I know that walking outside is complicated at this time but at home, walking barefoot brings several benefits and above all, it avoids calluses!

To tell our feet how much we love them because they support us throughout our lives, we are going to devote a special bath to them.

In a basin of warm water, throw a pinch of baking soda or Epsom salt to detoxify. Leave to soak for a quarter of an hour. Sand off dead skin. Rinse. Your feet will feel very soft after this single remedy.

To reinforce this newly acquired softness, massage your feet for a good 15 minutes with the repairing foot balm and slip on some socks for several hours or overnight.

The repairing balm contains shea and olive oil. It is therefore greasy, which is why when it comes the time to take off your socks, your feet might feel slippery. Now is not a good time to hit a sprint 😉!

An alternative to this is to get a good pedicure!

How do your feet feel after this self-care session dedicated to them? Let us know in the comments!

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July 13, 2021

Plus je lis tes articles, plus je me rends compte que je ne suis pas régulière dans mes routines. Ce serait facile de rejeter la faute sur mon agenda qui est remplie, n’est ce pas :D Je dois prendre le temps de chouchouter toutes les parties de mon corps.
Merci Dado!

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