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November 25, 2019 1 min read

A soft body is pleasant to the touch for oneself and for the spouse. Even for our clothes, it's a form of respect. Simple tips can eliminate dead skin and reveal its radiance.

Here is my favorite DIY recipe. It is simple and above all so effective, especially for coffee lovers. To try urgently.

In a cup, put 3 handfuls of coffee grounds and 4 tablespoons of olive or argan oil.

Mix and shower.

After washing your body with a natural soap, brush yourself with this tasty coffee mixture. The circular massage will be done from the legs to the heart. From the arms to the heart. The idea being to follow the circulation of the lymph.

Rinse generously with lukewarm water.

For the more courageous, finish with a jet of ICE water to close the pores and give a boost to the skin.

Then, always moisturize the skin with a fatty substance like shea butter.

Note: Coffee grounds can be messy, but they clean your shower drains. Then remember to clean the shower well because it will be slippery!

Tell us in the comments if the body scrub is part of your beauty rituals?

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