Oily skin natural care - TRIAL KIT - Routine NOUR

Quelle lotion Nour ?

Nour natural care offers a uniform and luminous complexion thanks to a formula of the best precious oils from Africa. For 1 month, these 4 100% natural beauty products will meet the specific needs of your oily skin without adding face cream.

Thanks to the combination of powerful natural antioxidants , essential fatty acids and daily use, the Nour trial kit reduces the signs of aging, tightens large pores and gives you an illuminated, unified complexion full of vitality.

Reducing the shine of oily skin with vegetable oils may be nonsense , but these precious oils from Africa are so fluid that they instantly penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy film. On the contrary, they effectively deal with:

  • the scars
  • blackheads
  • excess sebum
  • brown spots
  • the lack of uniformity
In less than 5 minutes a day, massage your face with your beauty kit and let yourself be carried away by feminine and intoxicating scents.

Suitable for all women with oily, sensitive skin with imperfections.

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  • Routine of less than 5 minutes
  • Uniform and luminous complexion
  • Pores are tightened
  • Reduce blackheads
  • Reduce dark spots
  • No greasy effect on the skin
  • 100% natural care
  • Eco-responsible packaging
MORNING (1 min)

1- Spray the Nour tonic lotion all over the face and neck

2- Massage 3-4 drops of the Nour serum all over the face and neck

EVENING (3 mins)

1- Cleanse the face with Nour cleansing oil

2- Wash the face with Nour natural soap

3- Spray the Nour tonic lotion all over the face and neck

4- Massage 3-4 drops of the Nour serum all over the face and neck

Precaution for use

Contains essential oils not recommended for pregnant women. Always do a skin test in the bend of the elbow and wait 48 hours. In the event of a reaction, contact a doctor and no longer apply the product.

Cleansing oil: 15ml Natural soap: about 10g Toning lotion: 30ml Precious serum: 10ml
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Mode D'emploI

Ingrédients Clé

Pour son action purifiante et aide à lutter contre les petits boutons. Réduit les signes du vieillissement. 

*issu de l'agriculture biologique

Préserve du vieillissement prématuré lié au soleil et apporte de l'élasticité.
Donne de bons résultats sur l'acné ou le psoriasis et l'eczéma. Renforce l'élasticité, la souplesse et l'hydratation de la peau. Pour ses propriétés antibactériennes et antifongiques.
Pour ses actions nettoyantes, purifiantes et détoxifiantes de la peau grasse.
Pour cicatriser les petites imperfections.
Pour ses propriétés anti-inflammatoires et cicatrisantes. Elle aide à traiter l'acnée des peaux grasses.