Sisal soap bag


Handmade in Quebec, our sisal bag is 100% vegan, natural and biodegradable. It comes from the agave sisalana plant, commonly called sisal. It is a plant of the Agavaceae family native to eastern Mexico.

The sisal bag is ideal:

  • to use your leftover soap
  • make your soap lather better
  • extend the life of the soap
  • serve as moth repellents in your cabinets

Our solution, put them in our sisal bag to use them to the end. Indeed, the sisal bag is used like a washcloth and the soap produces a creamier foam. It gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin by removing dead cells.

As a result, your skin is clean and ready to receive its premium shea body butter to nourish it deeply and without greasy effect.

Extend the life of soaps

The sisal bag extends the life of your natural soaps. Indeed, even if you use a soap dish with a hole, they can soften and last less. By placing them in the sisal bag, they will dry faster. It is therefore the perfect ally for hard soaps.

Fight against moths

Organic olive oil soaps are natural repellents and therefore excellent moth repellents. By placing the remains of your soaps in the sisal bag in your wardrobe, your clothes will no longer be nibbled by these little insects.

1 - Put your favorite soap or leftover soaps in the bag.
2 - Humidify.
3 - Wash your body enjoying a gentle exfoliation.
4 - Rinse and hang to dry after use.