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  • 3 savons naturels, saponifié à froid sur un drap en lin
  • Eponge konjac blanche avec fil de suspension dans un bol marron clair
  • Homme noir tenant le serum Galam en verre givré avec un bec verseur noir
  • 3 soins naturels et 1 savon Awa sur des cônes avec une branche de palmier

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    How to get beautiful radiant skin?



    Get radiant skin, in 4 minutes!

    Discover our 100% natural skincare routine in a trial format formulated for each skin type to reveal its original radiance. Based on active ingredients such as precious oils from Africa, your skin receives the essential nutrients and vitamins required for beautiful skin. Your skin regains its health and shine.

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    Free shipping with code LIV58

    Sold out

    Free shipping with code LIV58

    natural face cream

    Sold out

    Free shipping with code LIV58

    Our treatments are 100% natural with precious vegetable oils and butters from Africa.

    Our raw materials are raw, unrefined and undeodorized. Without preservatives.

    Our treatments are handmade, in small quantities to preserve their freshness.

    They come in eco-responsible packaging.

    Brings radiance and luminosity

    Evens out your complexion

    Tightens pores

    No greasy effect on the skin



    A beauty routine of 4 beauty products that can be used in 4 minutes. Morning and evening, your treatments meet the needs of your skin type. No need to add cream or use wipes. Duration of use: about 1 month.


    A Konjac sponge to use in the evening with your natural soap. It gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead cells. Thus, it promotes better penetration of your precious oils from Africa.


    Dado Cosmetics offers you free express delivery for your first order with the code LIV58

    Why choose care
    Dado Cosmetics?

    Have you seen hyperpigmentation spots or blackheads appear that you try to hide with makeup? Is your black skin less smooth, less uniform, and lacks radiance with the change of season?

    It is possible to find 100% natural, high-quality skincare products suitable for black skin and which make it possible to obtain beautiful, smooth, and radiant skin!

    That's why you absolutely have to try Dado Cosmetics' precious oils from Africa! Each precious oil meets the specific needs of combination, dry or oily skin. Your complexion lights up and the glow is so evident that you start receiving compliments from those around you!

    Order your Konjac Sponge 1 Month Trial Kit today for only $58 and you'll soon find out why!

    For new customers, we offer free shipping with the code LIV58. Hurry, offers are available in limited quantities!

    What our customers are saying!

    "Simply magical... A week of use and velvety, plumped skin and my complexion is unified!!! What's more to say? The routine is perfect. I was afraid that the oily serum would be too oily but it penetrates perfectly and my pores are tightened."

    Khadi M.

    "I really like the Nour routine. I find that it really gives my skin a nice glow. My skin doesn't stay as oily with this routine and I can sometimes do without foundation. And I love it. The smell of the Serum. I received several compliments on the radiance of the skin!"

    Jessica J.

    "Really natural products and gentle on the skin. Putting oil on my face and finding my skin nourished instead of getting it all greasy, it's beautiful. It feels good!!! Thank you Dado Cosmetics."

    Audrey G.

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