Our precious oils from Africa

Our precious oils just like our vegetable butters come from cooperatives in West Africa (Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Egypt...). We favor organic and sustainable agriculture as well as gentle extraction techniques. This is how our raw materials are rawunrefined, and undeodorized. Always with a first cold pressing.

Free of parabens, PEG, EDTA, mineral oils, fragrances, silicones, and other synthetics. Animal cruelty-free.

Baobab precious oil

dry skin

It is a precious oil from an ancestral tree of West Africa. Each year, only ONE liter is produced. It is one of the finest oils in the world, extremely rich in antioxidants. It is therefore your perfect ally in delaying the signs of aging. Repairing, softening, and nourishing, it offers a silky touch to the skin without any greasy effect. Perfect for dry, mature, and/or sensitive skin.

Precious Hibiscus Oil

mixed skin

With an exceptional vitamin E content (6 times more than olives), this precious oil with a soft texture is a marvelous anti-aging and regenerating active ingredient. It is ideal for fighting the signs of skin aging and damage caused by free radicals. Rich in essential fatty acids, it balances combination skin. By hydrating your skin, it limits water loss from the epidermis. It restores elasticity and comfort to the skin. Its smells and smoothens the skin.

Precious watermelon oil

oily skin

A real treasure of beauty with multiple virtues, balancing and emollient, precious watermelon oil regulates sebum secretion, prevents acne, and penetrates easily into the skin. Revitalising, it restores firmness and elasticity to oily skin. It diminishes pores and unifies the complexion. It rejuvenates, hydrates, and protects the skin against excessive sun exposure.

Touloucouna precious oil


A rare oil that comes only from the south of Senegal: Casamance. This powerful oil is renowned for its soothing, restorative, and regenerating actions while reducing the tightness of the skin. Your skin is deeply nourished and soothed from its irritations. It regenerates new cells. Find it in our 2-in-1 Mahona scrub and mask.

Precious nigella oil


This sacred oil is rich in essential oils with a purifying action. These fatty acids are essential because they are not produced by the body. It is known to soothe, cleanse, nourish, regenerate and reduce the signs of aging. Its purifying activity prevents the formation of pimples. You will find it in our cleansing oils and the Nour serum (oily skin).