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    Has your complexion changed lately? Are dark spots appearing? Is it less smooth, less even, and lacks radiance?
    Do you think it's time for you to have a real skincare routine?
    Besides, are you aware that all the creams in the market are not necessarily created for your particular skin needs?

    Tired of spending a fortune switching brands and not getting that beautiful, smooth, glowing skin?

    Do you feel lost when it comes to finding an effective and quality natural alternative?

    Read on

    Why choose precious oils from Africa?

    To return to the source.

    Do you agree that the Lands of Africa are rich in nutrients? The generous sun strengthens the vitamins and minerals of plants and trees. Thanks to women's artisanal work, our precious oils retain all their benefits and give your skin an unparalleled glow!

    For example, Baobab is one of the finest oils in the world. It instantly penetrates dry skin, providing suppleness and elasticity. The high vitamin E content of Hibiscus makes it a perfect natural anti-aging agent for combination skin. As for Watermelon, it mattifies oily skin. And yes, as surprising as it may seem, this oil has the power to reduce the oily sheen on your oily skin!

    Each precious oil from Africa meets the specific needs of a skin type (dry, combination, or oily). Our treatments come in the form of a beauty routine of 4 natural treatments. It can be used quickly and effectively for the active woman that you are.

    Why am I a proud ambassador of precious oils from Africa? Because they have changed my life and my complexion! To the point where I no longer wear foundation, my skin is so radiant and healthy!

    For the record: in 2016, my body said STOP with a violent allergic reaction to the cream I bought from the drugstore. My face was unrecognizable and I had to find an emergency solution. A deep reflection made me understand that I had no idea what I applied DAILY to my skin. All these chemical preservatives and endocrine disruptors harm our health (and our fertility too). A necessary return to basics led me to more natural treatments that respect my health.

    Seek and you will find! I discovered the precious oils of Africa and they have transformed my skin so much and that of hundreds of women since. I sincerely hope that you too will receive compliments from those around you on the radiance of your natural complexion!

    Looking back, this experience bore the seeds of my contribution to the world through Dado Cosmetics. Our mission is to enhance your skin through 100% natural beauty routines while promoting the exceptional resources of the African continent. Our precious oils are real treasures for the skin in terms of effectiveness. Whether you have oily or combination or dry skin, there is a precious oil that unifies, mattifies, and nourishes your complexion. The foundation will become an option instead of the obligation it is!

    Our beauty routines aim to sublimate your skin but also to make it a moment of relaxation with fluid textures, soft and feminine scents, and a hand massage to reconnect you to your being. There is a ritual aspect that calms the tensions of the day!

    You certainly live in a city with its share of pollution you cannot control, but you can decide on the cosmetic treatments that will penetrate your skin today!

    Noble Ingredients

    Precious oils from Africa such as Baobab, Watermelon, Nigella, or Hibiscus. Grand cru and organic vegetable butters such as mango or shea.


    By financially supporting women's cooperatives in Senegal and Ghana that supply the ingredients.

    100% Active

    A minimalist composition without adding superfluous ingredients. They are so concentrated that a small amount is enough to beautify your skin and a little goes a long way.

    Freshly Handcrafted

    Exceptional treatments are handmade in small batches to guarantee their freshness and quality.

    4 products, 4 minutes


    (1 minute or more as desired)

    1- Wash with cool water to wake up the face

    2- Tone with the toner to rebalance the PH level of the skin

    3- Enrich your skin with the precious serum according to your skin type


    (3 minutes or more as desired)

    1- Clean with cleansing oil to remove impurities, pollution, and traces of grease

    2- Soap with an extra-mild soap to complete the cleaning

    3- Tone with the toner to rebalance the PH level of the skin

    4- Enhance with the precious serum corresponding to your skin type

    Dry skin

    The Dela routine brings comfort, suppleness, and radiance to dry skin.

    Its cleansing oil with precious Nigella oil removes all residues of pollution and make-up (even waterproof). Petitgrain is one of the best essential oils for fighting stress. A real moment of peace.

    Its soap is extra mild because it is enriched with honey and pink clay. It gently cleanses without drying the skin. It is clean and hydrating.

    The orange blossom tonic lotion is alcohol-free and preservative-free. It brings radiance to a dull complexion. Its restorative action allows it to prepare the skin to receive the precious Baobab oil.

    DELA skincare routine - Dry skin - Dado Cosmetics

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    Mixed skin

    The Awa routine balances dry and oily areas by restoring radiance to your combination skin.

    Its cleansing oil with precious Nigella oil removes all residues of pollution and make-up (even waterproof). Geranium essential oil purifies and tightens pores.

    Its a gentle soap with pink clay that washes gently without pulling the skin. You skin gets instantly cleansed.

    The toner with Quebec lavender reduces small skin imperfections and prepares it to receive the precious Hibiscus oil serum. The skin regains its radiance and luminosity.

    AWA face care routine - Combination skin - Dado Cosmetics

    Sold out

    Oily skin

    The Nour routine mattifies the shine of your oily skin and reduces blemishes.

    Its cleansing oil with precious Nigella oil contains essential oil of celery renowned for fighting against spots.

    The gentle soap purifies you skin, thanks to the green clay and the pink Himalayan salt heals. It gently cleans your skin.

    The alcohol-free toner with carrot tops rebalances the skin's PH, beautifies the complexion and prepares it to receive the serum with precious Watermelon and Moringa oils.

    It evens out the complexion and reduces imperfections. The skin becomes luminous and regains its original radiance.

    NOUR face care routine - Oily skin - Dado Cosmetics

    Sold out

    Testimonials by skin type!

    • Oily skin
    • Mixed skin
    • Dry skin

    Simply magical... One week of use and my skin is velvety, plumped up and my complexion has evened out!!! What more can be said? The routine is perfect. I was afraid that the oily serum would be too oily but it penetrates perfectly and my pores are tightened. A must have for this summer 🤗

    Khadi M.

    The NOUR routine is perfect for my oily skin. The pores are less dilated and my skin is softer. In addition, I love the texture of the oils and their mild fragrances."

    Djeneba K.

    I really like the Nour routine. I think it really gives my skin a nice glow. My skin doesn't get as oily with this routine and I can sometimes do without foundation. And I love the smell of the Serum. I received several compliments on the glow of the skin!"

    Jessica J.

    Why choose our 100% natural treatments?

      1. Exceptional 100% natural skincare (no false promises or hidden ingredients)
      2. A minimalist composition of active precious and essential oils
      3. Concentrated treatments to target the needs of each skin type
      4. A pleasant self-care experience with soft and feminine scents for a moment to yourself
      5. Compact formats for your travels
      6. Supporting women's cooperatives in West Africa (Senegal, Ghana)
      7. Recyclable and reusable packaging
      8. No need to add day, night or eye cream
      9. No need of cotton because you use your fingers and take the opportunity to massage yourself
      10. No need to buy foundation anymore
      11. Pay in 4 interest-free instalments
      12. Each routine lasts between 3 to 4 months ( i.e. $37.50 monthly) with free express-delivery in Canada!
      13. The sample format is on PRESALE with a preferential price of $39.95 instead of $49.95 (delivery from mid-February)

    I find Dado's product range fantastic. First because they are natural and effective, then because they smell good and are easy to apply. Since I started using them, I no longer have blackheads and my complexion is smoother and more even. Ciao soap products and other chemical creams sold in the drugstore. For almost a year, it's Dado "all the way" for me.

    Amelie C.

    I was reluctant to use oil for my skincare since I believed  skin too "oily" and shiny. I was wrong!!! After just one use, I noticed the effects on my skin: soft, smooth, hydrated. After about 2 weeks I no longer have the same skin as before: my acne is almost gone, I no longer have blackheads on my nose, and much more! After using multiple expensive drugstore products, I found satisfaction with dado cosmetic products and especially with the Awa skin care routine. All made entirely of natural products! What a wonder for our body and the environment! Thank you and good luck to this great company!

    Elizabeth P.

    The products of the Awa routine are products that I strongly recommend to anyone wishing to enhance their skin's natural beauty. They are light, soothing and leave us with a beautiful skin tone! It is a beauty care line that deserves all our encouragement. Thank you very much Dado Cosmetics for beautifying us!!

    Sandra M.

    I've been a deodorant fan for quite a while now and finally decided to try the serum and toner. I love them! My skin is soft and glowy and it doesn't feel tight during the day. A very small quantity is enough, so the price is worth it. :)

    Karin C.

    I only used coconut oil and water to cleanse and moisturize my face before using Déla products. After only 10 days of use, I see wonderful changes. My pores are tighter, my skin folds are reduced, my skin is better hydrated and no longer tight, and I have less redness!

    Lyliane N.

    This serum is simply miraculous, in just 4 weeks my complexion is unified and my skin no longer feels tight.

    Priscilla N.

    Choose the beauty routine according to your skin type!

    NOUR face care routine - Oily skin - Dado Cosmetics

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    AWA face care routine - Combination skin - Dado Cosmetics

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    DELA skincare routine - Dry skin - Dado Cosmetics

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    After how long will I see the results?

    Each one being different, we cannot say but often, after a few days, clients feel the effects of the routine. It is recommended to use it for at least a month so that the skin gets used to it.

    Will I get oily skin with precious oils?

    Our precious oils have a dry touch. They quickly penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy film. Moreover, oily skin will be mattified thanks to watermelon oil.

    Can I still use the extra mild soap in the morning?

    Although our soaps are extremely mild and cold saponified, it still modifies the PH of the skin. This is why we recommend a good cleaning in the evening only.

    How long does the beauty routine last?

    Each routine lasts between 3 and 4 months depending on use. You can buy the treatments individually afterwards.

    Can I wear makeup?

    Of course, everything follows after the beauty routine. However, we recommend mineral powders over foundation. It would be a shame to delay the results of the routine by smothering the skin with foundations filled with silicones and other toxic ingredients.