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  • Who are we ?

    Dado Cosmetics is a Montreal-based company that handcrafts 100% natural cosmetic treatments with precious oils from Africa to enhance your complexion.

    Free of preservatives, mineral oils, parabens and fragrances.


    Are you aware of the long term effects of toxic ingredients like aluminium salts in your body? Tired of not finding a natural deodorant that is effective until the end of the day? Need a deodorant that does not stain and lasts more than ONE month?

    Up to 300 APPS!!!

    Aluminum-free natural deodorant - Lavender geranium - Dado Cosmetics

    Sold out

    Aluminum-free natural deodorant - Lemon Peppermint - Dado Cosmetics

    Sold out

    Natural deodorant without aluminum - Peppermint Lemon - Dado Cosmetics

    Sold out

    Aluminum-free natural deodorant - Orange blossom - Dado Cosmetics

    Sold out


    1. 100% natural and vegan
    2. Up to 300 APPLICATIONS
    3. Effectively neutralizes odors
    4. Lasts all day
    5. Noble and edible ingredients
    6. Soft and hydrated armpits
    7. Perfect for sports activities
    8. Suitable from 7 to 77 years old


    Since I discovered Dado cosmetics deodorant, I'm really happy because I no longer have bad smells related to my perspiration! Plus it's not bad for my skin! I recommend x1000 these products!!

    Karin M.

    Excellent products and Dado takes care to give all the necessary information for their use. Thanks to her, I stopped using products that were probably harmful to my skin and health. I know that with its products, my skin will always be well treated.

    Yacine K.

    All the Dado Cosmetics products that I had the chance to use perfectly respect the promise of the woman behind this brand: to beautify without betraying herself! I am a great admirer of Dado for his professionalism and his determination. I really like his journey and I wish him great success with this brand which fully respects women. Thanks Dado!

    Fama S.

    I was lucky enough to be able to buy a DADO COSMETICS deodorant directly and I must say that I am delighted.. it has changed my life.. I am protected all day long. It's really awesome ! thank you DADO.

    Fanny B.

    Dado Cosmetics Lavender-Geranium Deodorant is by far the best I've tried! I have been looking for an all natural and effective option for a long time and this product has met my expectations for a few years now. Also, the woman behind this company is a pearl and is very close to her customers. :)

    Karine C.

    Dado's products are excellent both in terms of manufacturing and the originality of the ingredients. Thanks to her for sharing her knowledge and especially her work to raise awareness on natural cosmetic products through the dangerousness of the chemicals put on the market.
    I'm a fan of her deodorant, I never get tired of it. Ideal products to offer in 🎁.

    Aissatou S.

    Great products made with premium ingredients. My first crush, the lavender-geranium deodorant.

    Deborah P.


    Dado Cosmetics

    8815 Park Avenue

    Suite #402

    Montreal, Quebec, H2N 1Y7