Looking for quality in your natural care?

Why apply cosmetics with unpronounceable ingredients, often toxic to our health? Is the game worth the candle?

Demand quality over quantity!

Why did you create Dado Cosmetics?

Following a violent allergy to my traditional care, I realized the toxicity of certain cosmetic ingredients. I had lost confidence. Not having found on the market authentic treatments with my level of requirement, then " You are never better served than by yourself "

This is how in July 2016, Dado Cosmetics was born. My meeting with a natural cosmetics chemist marks the beginning of the adventure of beauty routines. My goal is for the whole world to understand that the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference on the skin.

What does Dado mean? It's my first name that comes from my paternal grandmother!

Simplicity as a way of life

Dado Cosmetics treatments are deliberately honest and minimalist. We favor quality over quantity. Each formula contains a short list of raw vegetable butters and precious oils from Africa. The treatments (without preservatives) are made, by hand, in small batches in order to preserve their freshness.