October 28, 2019 1 min read


Hormones such as growth, reproduction or sleep are molecules produced by some of our organs. They transmit messages from one organ to another.

However, endocrine disruptors, which are chemical substances of synthetic (or natural) origin, imitate them. The body receives messages that no longer make sense to it.

In short, it's like asking your body to go to Montreal and Paris, AT THE SAME TIME. You will agree with me that it can be complicated! This can lead to dysfunctions leading to the development of certain cancers.

So, these PEs are found around us like in our cosmetics or in plastic packaging, baby wipes.

Those to avoid in your cosmetics by reading the ingredients:

-benzene, -benzoane, benzophenone

- ethylhexyl

- methoxycinnamate

- methicone, nonox, nonyl-,

- siloxane,

- paraben-, phenoxyethanol, -phthal-

- resurrected-

- Alkyphenols

- Triclosan

Save them on your phone and watch them when buying your natural care!

The entire Dado Cosmetics range is guaranteed free of endocrine disruptors! Our treatments are 100% natural and vegan without imposing any danger to your health! Order them today and take charge of your well-being 🙏🏾

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