Why do you need a toner in your Skincare routine?

July 21, 2021

Pourquoi vous devriez utiliser une lotion tonique dans votre routine beauté ?  - Dado Cosmetics

Many people are skeptical about toner and don't understand its importance in an effective skincare routine. However, it plays an essential role and no, it's not just water!

Discover in our article why it is essential to include it as a daily care.


It is a water charged, by distillation, with volatile plant principles. They are therefore rich in plant active ingredients to purify, soothe and tone the skin in a 100% natural way.

They complete the cleansing of the skin by removing excess sebum, impurities and dead cells. They balance the PH of the skin and reduce the size of the pores. Moreover, they allow a better penetration of your serum or cream.


According to experts, these are 2 completely different treatments. Our tonic lotion is water-based. 100% organic and pure, it does not contain alcohol or chemical preservatives. It allows better hydration of the skin and perfects the double cleansing process.

The astringent is also water-based but contains salicylic acid that cleanses and unclogs pores, and other ingredients that reduce oil production throughout the day. It contains alcohol which is an antibacterial agent but tends to dry out the skin. It should therefore be used sparingly by people with dry skin but is especially effective for combination and oily skin with imperfections in order to tighten the tissues.



1- Eliminate impurities

The tonic lotion completes the cleansing of the skin by removing excess sebum, dead cells and traces of make-up. It's the easiest and fastest way to get clean skin.

2- Rebalance the PH of the skin

The skin is acidic in nature with a PH between 5 and 6. The PH balance changes with the use of many cleansers which are alkaline. Therefore, the skin must redouble its efforts to regain its average PH balance and this leads to an overproduction of sebum (causes blackheads). The application of a tonic lotion quickly restores the PH balance of your skin.

3- Reduce pores

When the pores are dilated, impurities and toxins penetrate more easily and quickly. As a result, the skin ends up with infections or blackheads. Toning lotions like Awa with Quebec lavender can reduce the size of pores on the skin. Thus the skin gets cleaner, softer and your complexion gets refreshed.

4- Protect your skin

Applying a tonic lotion to the skin helps protect it from certain irritants found in tap water, such as chlorine or certain heavy metals. These stress the skin even if we are not aware of it. They cause invisible irritation to the skin.

5- Hydrate the skin

Some toners, such as Dela tonic lotion with orange blossom, act as a humectant, that is to say, they increase the level of moisture in the skin. It is a real comfort especially for dry or dehydrated skin. In addition, orange blossom plays an anti-stressing and soothing role.

6- Prevent acne

A toner like Nour Tonic Lotion with Carrot Tops helps remove excess sebum to reduce the formation of blackheads. It calms inflammation, irritation and redness associated with acne. The complexion gets brighter.

7- Hydrate the skin

The main function of a toning lotion is to moisturize and nourish the skin. You should know that hydration is the key to maintaining the elasticity, suppleness and smooth texture of skin. It is also one of the means of slowing down the skin aging process. Well nourished and well hydrated skin ages more slowly!


Awa tonic

Refresh the skin

Place your tonic lotion in the fridge for a fresh and invigorating effect as soon as you wake up. Spray directly on the face and feel instant refreshment. Then, directly apply a few drops of your precious serum or your usual cream corresponding to the needs of your skin. Massage.

Enhance your neckline

The neck and décolleté are fragile areas of skin and often show signs of aging if we are not careful.

It is essential to apply your beauty routine to these areas so that there is no gap between the face and the neckline. That would be a shame!

Instant hydration

Travel by car or plane especially can dry out and tire the skin. Result, it gets dull. Enhance your complexion by carrying a mini spray bottle filled with your favorite tonic lotion like those in our beauty kits. Spray it on your face whenever you need instant hydration.

Fix makeup

Here's a pro tip: spray your toner to set your makeup. It will be more natural than fixers full of chemical and especially toxic ingredients. Or, to have a better rendering of your make-up, apply your tonic lotion followed by your precious serum. A well hydrated skin allows a prettier make-up. The skin is more velvety. We recommend makeup with minerals. They are much less toxic to the skin than conventional makeup.

Soften the skin after shaving

A pure, organic tonic lotion soothes redness and irritation associated with shaving. Hence its important to buy one without alcohol or chemical preservatives. Then, it eliminates residues of shaving creams and helps reduce the appearance of ingrown hair.


The tonic lotion is used after the double cleansing of the skin or a scrub. Ideally, it should be sprayed on the skin within a minute of cleansing. Your skin is most permeable during this time. This time is critical because it creates the most optimal conditions for the active ingredients to be quickly absorbed by your skin.

It's these little tricks that make all the difference in the long run.

Toning lotion is the first step after the double cleanse. It thus allows a better penetration of your precious serum or your moisturizing cream.


To be really clean and zero waste, we recommend 2 to 3 sprays of the tonic lotion directly on the face and décolleté without the use of wipes or cotton. These can be irritating to sensitive skin.

Is toning lotion part of your beauty routine? Have you felt its benefits on your skin? We discuss it in the comments.

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