Why choose a natural deodorant?

May 20, 2020

Pourquoi choisir un déodorant naturel ? - Dado Cosmetics

Even though sweating is a natural process, the resulting smell is not pleasant. The ideal solution is therefore to apply a natural deodorant.

Natural deodorant, a healthy and effective solution

To block the production of sweat, there are antiperspirants on the market whose formula contains aluminum salts which block the ducts and pores thus preventing the body from eliminating toxins through perspiration.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the dangers of these aluminum salts on our health, which is why it is recommended to turn to healthier alternatives.

Natural deodorants are as effective as antiperspirants in reducing odor caused by perspiration.

How to find the best natural deodorant?

So, aware of the dangers of antiperspirants, you're looking for the super natural deodorant that works. But, after many tries, you were still disappointed. They didn't last the day.

So you wonder if it really exists?

If I tell you that I TOTALLY understand this situation.

I was in this case several months ago but since then I have discovered the super natural deodorant that really works.

A safe formulation

This natural deodorant had to be effective and of course with healthy ingredients. By combining them, the combination becomes perfect.

Mango butter (34%) that truly nourishes your armpits, sage known to regulate excessive perspiration, baking soda to fight odors.

Have you ever tried a deodorant like this?

An easy application

Take the size of a pea and massage your clean armpits. No risk of staining your clothes, even white ones. Your armpits will be nourished and very soft. Pleasure!

This 40g jar allows up to 150 applications is economical as it lasts up to 5 months with daily use. It works for both sportswomen and intense heat days.

A result of formidable efficiency

From the first day of use, you will be won over by its effectiveness. Therefore, I suggest you to get it very quickly. It comes in 4 natural scents (mint-lemon, lavender-geranium, orange blossom, almond) and we have developed a Damascus Rose scented version without essential oils for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

This original way of applying your deodorant, this creamy texture, melting on the skin will delight you as well as its delicate scent. A clear conscience as well. Result: to try it is to adopt it!

Discover here the 5 scents of Dado Cosmetics deodorants!

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