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For extremely dehydrated and dry skin, crocodile skin exhibits itself through scales and whitish streaks especially on the legs. It is the suffering skin with irritations and inflammations. It is often rough to the touch and very uncomfortable, especially in the winters. Follow the guide to find baby's soft and comfortable skin!

Characteristics of dehydrated and dry skin

Dehydrated skin is characterized by a lack of hydration and concerns all skin types. So you can have oily and dehydrated skin! This is a temporary problem that can be solved with moisturizers and a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

Dry skin is the kind of skin characterized by a lack of lipids. It does not produce enough sebum. We recognize it by the tightness and discomfort. It must be nourished in depth with vegetable butters or oils.

Soaps: their importance!

It is important to be aware of the soap we use to wash our skin or that of our children. Do you know these harsh truths about your regular soap?

👉🏾 Ordinary soap is often composed of an irritating agent such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

It is a sulfated surfactant with powerful detergent action. So powerful that SLS is commonly used for industrial floor and engine cleaning. Yes, you read that right! The basis of many daily products (shower gels, shampoos, cleansing gels, etc.). Learn more

👉🏾 The noble part of soap, glycerin, is often removed and sold to the cosmetics industry. Indeed, it is obtained during saponification:


It is the glycerin which provides the "moisturizing effects", softening and protection of soap. By forming an occlusive film, the skin loses less water and therefore "dehydrates" less quickly.

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