Do our cosmetics have an impact on our health?

August 18, 2021

Nos cosmétiques ont-ils un impact sur notre santé ? - Dado Cosmetics

Buying your moisturizer is a banal daily act. Besides, since when can using a moisturizer have an impact on health? Indeed, when I go to the pharmacy, I am somewhat reassured that I am in a safe place.

However, very few of us know exactly what our cream contains. And that's the whole problem.

The carefree period

natural care

Since childhood, my mother used to apply a cream to me to moisturize my face and my body. Growing up, I kept this habit. I went to the pharmacy and took my body care. However, if I was asked what it contained, I would have been unable to say. In other words, I applied to my body something that I did not know!

Again, nothing serious until I had an allergic reaction to my moisturizer in April 2016. My face looked like nothing. In total incomprehension, I rushed to Google to learn the words like endocrine disruptors, potentially carcinogenic preservatives, fertility problem, miscarriage…

It was the cold shower.

I never thought applying moisturizer to my skin could have such an impact on my health.

And yes, our skin absorbs what we apply to it and it enters our system.

Our body gets "polluted" and our organs do not function optimally.


natural care

I understood that I am responsible for what I apply to myself and that it is important to control a minimum of what goes into my system. I'm not going in fear but, you know, knowledge leads to better choices. I know why I say "yes" and I know why I say "no".

I also understood that these major brands in the cosmetics industry are clearly here to sell. My health doesn't matter to them. With their knowledge, manufacturers know what they put in their formulas. Besides, take a good look: in the event of a scandal, they change their packaging and remove certain substances such as parabens. When the consumer is aware, she refuses the care containing it. And as the turnover decreases, they have to find a solution.

That's why they say BIG on the package "paraben free".

The goal is to reassure you and that you continue to buy without thinking.

It's good that the treatment no longer contains parabens, but I want to know what's inside because that's what gets into my system.

You have to understand this: in a moisturizer that can contain up to 90% water, manufacturers will always be forced to put preservatives so that it does not turn green (full of mold).

Do you think preservatives are being replaced by more natural ingredients? No, and sometimes it's even more harmful than parabens!

That's why it's vital for you to know who you're doing business with.

It's all in nature

precious oils from africa

I didn't want to feel sorry for myself and I went looking for a solution and I came to these conclusions:

We are human beings against all odds. So nature necessarily has a solution for us to have beautiful skin, regardless of our skin color, or our problems (pimples, blackheads, shiny or dehydrated, uncomfortable skin, etc.).

What do we find in nature?

Plants that give us seeds filled with vegetable oils, pure and virgin. Minerals, vitamins that beautify, heal, repair, protect, illuminate our skin.

For example, Baobab oil is one of the finest oils in the world and it penetrates instantly. It is also an excellent natural anti-aging thanks to its exceptional antioxidant content. This is a must for dry skin that lacks suppleness.

Nigella is one of those miraculous oils that purify the skin, especially oily skin. It even eliminates small pimples.

But maybe you have preconceived ideas about vegetable oils?

  • it's for the kitchen
  • too greasy for my skin
  • remains on the surface
  • oily face
  • do not penetrate
  • I already have oily skin that shines
  • it's gonna give me pimples
  • it will clog my pores

You should know that in nature, there are hundreds and hundreds of vegetable oils and they do not all look like coconut or olive oil. They don't all have that greasy look. They are called "dry oils".

This is why some even penetrate faster than a cream. Unbelievable but true!

As I told you, nature essentially has a natural solution that meets our needs. And, personally, I have never seen moisturizers in nature. It is a purely human invention and with all the marketing around, we are convinced that it is the one and only solution to have a beautiful skin.

But let's be honest, many of us are still on the hunt for the miracle cream. We change cosmetic brands constantly and go from disappointment to disappointment. And that can be tough on our nerves!

What if, the solution was to switch to something drastically different and finally get glowing skin forever. Getting up every morning and seeing that the skin becomes more and more beautiful and even.

No more having to change treatments again and again.

Because to have different results, you have to have different actions. Do you agree with me ?

That's why I created my company Dado Cosmetics to raise women's awareness and offer them an effective, simple and quick beauty routine. 100% natural care, respectful of health with only quality ingredients because as women, we must treat ourselves First in Class.

The real power is in the knowledge.

We have 1 month trial kits of our beauty routines for you to experience the difference.

If you need further information, take a free consultation here.

With pleasure,

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