How to get beautiful RADIANT skin?


In 4 minutes, get skin that glows with radiance

Discover our 100% natural beauty routine in a trial format formulated for each skin type to reveal its original radiance. Based on active ingredients such as precious oils from Africa, your skin receives its essential nutrients and vitamins for beautiful skin. 

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Our treatments are 100% natural with precious vegetable oils and butters from Africa.

Our raw materials are raw, unrefined, and undeodorized. Without preservatives.

Our treatments are handmade, in small quantities to preserve their freshness.

They come in eco-responsible packaging.

Brings radiance and glow

Delays the signs of aging

Evens out the complexion with a healthy glow effect

Skin texture is refined

No greasy effect on the skin



A beauty routine of 4 beauty products that can be used in 4 minutes. Morning and evening, the treatments meet the specific needs of your skin type. No more adding cream or using wipes. Duration of use: about 1 month.


A Konjac sponge to use in the evening with your natural soap. It gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells. Thus, it promotes better penetration of your precious oils from Africa.


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Why choose Dado Cosmetics care?

Is your skin less smooth, less uniform and lacks radiance with the change of season or wearing a mask? Have you noticed any new wrinkles?

It is POSSIBLE to find natural, high-quality skincare products free of toxic ingredients that allow you to obtain beautiful, smooth, and radiant skin!

That's why you absolutely have to try Dado Cosmetics' precious oils from Africa! Each precious oil meets the specific needs of combination, dry or oily skin. Your complexion lights up and you receive compliments from those around you!

Order your Konjac Sponge 1 Month Trial Kit today for only $58 and you'll soon find out why!

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"Simply magical... A week of use and velvety, plumped skin and my complexion is unified!!! What more can I say? The routine is perfect. I was afraid that the oily serum would be too oily but it penetrates perfectly and my pores are tightened."

Khadi M.

"I really like the Nour routine. I find that it really gives my skin a nice glow. My skin is not really oily with this routine and I can sometimes do without foundation. And I love it. smell of the Serum. I received several compliments on the radiance of the skin!"

Jessica J.

"Really natural products and gentle on the skin. Putting an oil on my face and feeling it nourished instead of seeing it all glowing, it's beautiful. It feels good!!! Thank you Dado Cosmetics."

Audrey G.


How do I know my skin type?

Take the test here :

After how long will I see the results?

Each one being different, we cannot say, but often, after a few days, clients feel the effects of the beauty routine. It is recommended to use it for at least a month so that the skin gets used to it.

Will I get oily skin with precious oils?

Our precious oils have a non-sticky texture. They quickly penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy film. Moreover, they mattify oily skin, thanks to the precious oil of watermelon.

Why can't I use the soap in the morning?

Although our natural soaps are extremely mild and cold saponified, it still modifies the PH of the skin. This is why we recommend a good cleaning in the evening only.

How long does the beauty routine last?

The trial kit lasts approximately 1 month.

Are the products tested on animals?

Absolutely not! All of our natural treatments are cruelty-free.

Can I wear makeup?

Of course, everything follows after the beauty routine. However, we recommend mineral powders over foundation. It would be a shame to delay the results of the beauty routine by smothering the skin with foundations filled with silicones and other toxic ingredients.

I have sensitive skin, can I use these natural treatments?

Yes, AND we always advise you to perform a test in the crease of the elbow and wait 24 hours. In case of a reaction, please stop using it immediately.

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