What is the connection between a 40-year-old woman who watches the halo of light emanating from the legs of a young 23-year-old girl? A YouTuber who tries to get rid of a gorilla that clings to her skin and a star cinema that passes on the pool table to avoid losing its aura? They all try to stay beautiful but sometimes clumsily.

And you, how do you take care of your beauty…?

Luckily, most of us have never been through what the so-called Gorilla Glue Girl went through; however, even if the consequences of certain bad care make the buzz on the networks, other more dramatic ones are often passed over in silence.

''Oh and then! It's never just a cream.'' This is what I said to myself when I was confronted with the warnings concerning the composition of certain conventional cosmetics which contained endocrine disruptors and other substances which interfere with our hormonal system. We no longer count the number of those who have tried to sound the alarm; but today, in the era of beauty hacks, it is clear that some of us still do not hear the sirens' warnings.

Ladies, you can no longer treat your body like a handbag. You can no longer introduce all kinds of products thinking that they will have little impact on your health as long as you keep up appearances. It's time for all that to change. We didn't get there by giving in to spite. Chance has done many things but it has never blindly contributed to our emancipation. You must take an active part in reclaiming your beauty and make informed decisions in choosing your cosmetics not only for yourself but also for future generations.

Dado Cosmetics was born from the conviction that women are the beauty ambassadors par excellence sent by Mother Nature to remind humanity that eternal beauty is sublime through art, particularly that of cosmetics. But you have broken up with nature and with some of its virtues to prefer imitations. Have you ever seen a moisturizer in the middle of a wood…? Nope !? And for a good reason; yet this is what we are presented with as the only solution. But the actors in the beauty industry have played you for the last time because soon the veil on their deceptions will rise.

We won't sell you sales pitches to make you feel beautiful. Our range of care is certainly natural and eco-friendly, but it is followed by personalized support which will make it possible to sublimate all kinds of skin tones because each woman is beautiful in her own way. We will not tell you that our treatments will reveal all the subtleties of your beauty because, for that, they must be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Thus your outer beauty will carry the pledge of your inner beauty.

It is in line with this conception and to allow all women to activate or reactivate the power they already possess within them that we have decided to focus the development of our treatments on the precious oils of Africa by creating personalized beauty routines. And we will be with you every step of the way.

In recent years, several currents of women's emancipation have developed. Each in its own way has contributed to shaking up mentalities, awakening consciences, and raising the vibrational frequency of each of us. Ladies, the time has come, the time to choose those who really have your interests at heart. So choose yourself, choose Dado Cosmetics.