The Dado Cosmetics Natural Skincare routine

An exceptional skincare routine

The only brand in Quebec to offer you a 100% organic routine, formulated with precious oils from Africa such as baobab, watermelon, or hibiscus. In 4 minutes, the 4 minimalist treatments meet the human needs of your skin to sublimate it. Without preservatives, parabens, and any toxic ingredients ...!


cleansing oil

Every evening, it gently removes impurities, pollution, and even waterproof makeup. Take a few drops and massage your face (59 mL)


Cold saponified soap

Every evening, wash your face with this soap bar, which is softer and more hydrating than industrial soaps. It cleans gently and deeply without tightness (approx. 50g)


Tonic lotion

Morning and evening, spray the tonic lotion on the face, without preservatives or alcohol. It tightens pores, rebalances the PH level, and prepares your skin to receive the serum (59 mL)


Sublimating oil serum

Morning and evening, apply 2-3 drops of the serum based on precious oil from Africa (watermelon, hibiscus, or baobab) and massage your face for a more luminous, even, and smooth complexion (15 mL)

Why choose our beauty routine?

  • for these precious oils from Africa, of incredible finesse
  • for its speed of use (2 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening)
  • to obtain a luminous, uniform and sublime complexion
  • to live a sensory experience thanks to the creaminess and the feminine scent of the oils
  • for its artisanal manufacture, in small batches, in order to preserve the freshness of the care
  • for its very short list of understandable ingredients
  • for the absence of preservatives, parabens, silicones, PEG, mineral oils,...
  • for its testing on humans only (and, that will NEVER change! )

Are you looking to achieve beautiful skin naturally?

With our Dado Cosmetics beauty routine, it is the absolute guarantee of quality minimalist natural care for sublime skin and an even complexion.

Our secret, raw vegetable butters, precious oils from Africa and artisanal production, in small batches to guarantee the freshness of the treatments.



“I had dryness on the sides of my nose and quite oily T-zone. I was buying lots of products that didn't work. With the Awa routine, after two days, I no longer saw the dryness. I no longer felt greasy. No need to put on mattifying powder around 3 p.m. My complexion is even and luminous. Goal achieved. »


“Since using the Nour routine for oily skin, I have less and less spots. My skin is less rough and much smoother. No more pimples, my complexion is more even. I no longer need to use foundation because it gives my skin a glow. 100% natural skincare that works, I love it! »


“I used the Déla routine for my dry skin for a month and now I don't have dry skin anymore. It gives me a good complexion and I had no reaction. I recommend these products because they are effective and because they are good for the planet and for the skin. »

Do you want to know your skin type?

Because each skin has different needs, we have formulated 3 routines. Take this test to discover the precious oil from Africa that will sublimate your skin!


Formulated in collaboration with a natural cosmetics chemist, we have rigorously selected the ingredients from all over the world. The 4 treatments are complementary to ensure optimal efficiency.

In the evening, all you need is 4 gestures in less than 4 minutes to have cleansed, cleansed, toned and hydrated skin. In the morning, 2 gestures are enough and you are ready!

The vegetable oils contained in our formulas are of high quality and are selected for their beneficial properties on the skin. They are so thin that they quickly penetrate your skin without leaving a greasy film. In addition, they are free of preservatives and parabens.

All vegetable oils are not equal, we have selected precious oils of exceptional quality to ensure optimal efficiency. Their richness in essential fatty acids and vitamins will transform your skin in depth. We want to remain independent and offer our treatments at the fairest prices, which is why we are developing mainly on the internet.

Buy TODAY your 100% natural beauty routine with precious oils from Africa and start living your sensory experience.

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