During pregnancy and breastfeeding, our choices have a direct impact on our baby. This is a period when we are extremely careful even with our skincare products because 60% of what we apply to our skin enters the bloodstream.

Aluminium salts, endocrine disruptors are very deteriorating on your health. It is for these reasons that Dado Cosmetics has created this vegan deodorant with Damask rose to effectively neutralize odors (up to 150 applications) that is safe for mothers and children (100% natural, 0 chemical ingredients, 0 oils essential oils, 0 aluminium salts)!

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Pregnant woman

  1. Up to 150 apps
  2. Effectively neutralizes odors throughout the day
  3. Vegan
  4. Without aluminum salts
  5. Alcohol-free
  6. Without essential oils
  7. Suitable for sports activities
  8. Won't stain even delicate clothes
  9. Soft armpits thanks to organic mango butter
  10. Only noble ingredients

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